Sunday, 30 September 2012

Punisher (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Punisher
There is just one guy I am most excited about Marvel Legends Wave 3, and that's the Punisher, and this is the first Punisher I have in my collection. I know there are some collectors that were more excited about the X-Force Deadpool; he's also cool but Punisher for me looks way cooler because of the sculpt and nice detail, which makes him more appealing for display than Deadpool!

To make up for the missing BAF piece in this series, Marvel Legends gave Punisher four different types of guns and an additional handgun kept inside his holster. He comes with a submachine gun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a shotgun. And like Doctor Doom and Mystique, he comes with this action figure base, which I really care less.

If you're very particular about the articulation and how poseable an action figure should be, then this Punisher will probably get into your nerve. No ankle rockers and no swivel around his calves. He got this diaphragm swivel that's hard to move and twist; being impeded by his stiff trench coat. It's hard to make some dynamic pose on this Punisher. Despite having double-jointed knees and elbows, if an action figure got poor or no articulation to its torso, then it is as good as a statue!

Removing the trench coat might get some air for articulation but it's completely snugged too tight around his shoulders, and even if you're able to, it might look odd when you have the sleeves left molded around his arms.

Another problem I have with action figure is that it doesn't stand independently with his own two feet. Notice I have to use a clear stand just to help this guy from being brought down by heavy trench coat. But the head sculpt is amazing and this is probably the best head sculpt I've seen on a Punisher. The arms and the legs well balanced and proportionate. The creases around his costume is very well sculpted and detailed.

Now here is a size comparison of my Wave 3 Trio!

So Marvel Legends Punisher, just look out for him in stores everywhere. You gotta have him in your collection.

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