Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Captain America: The First Avenger (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Captain America: The First Avenger
I am actually surprised by the things I can do (poseability wise) with this Marvel Select Captain America: The First Avenger Movie. The fact that Marvel Select action figures aren't really notable for their amount of articulation and poseability (the ability to pose), the MS Captain America stood above our expectation.

MS Captain America got the articulation you need for you to come up with some stunningly dynamic poses. Here is a list of his articulation:
  • Ball-hinged neck
  • Diaphragm swivel
  • Ball-hinged shoulders
  • Single-jointed elbows
  • Wrist rotations
  • Ball-hinged hips
  • Upper thigh swivel
  • Double-jointed knees
  • Ankle swivel (moves up and down)

 Although he is missing ankle rockers and waist swivel, I think he had enough hinges and joints for me to get Cap pose like what he does in the comic books.

I like how I can have him do his epic moves like the "shield bash," the "shield throw," and the "get-behind-the-shield" while shooting and charging. Cap got this holster for his gun just molded over his right leg. His main weapon, the shield, is made of a softer plastic material so it looked a little bendy on mine.

The sculpt and paint detail is what seperates Marvel Select from other brands. We can see some shading going on over Cap's red, white and blue uniform, and his belt, straps, gloves and boots got some really fine detail on it; making it more real-looking.

Moreover, he stands somewhere around 6.75 inches. He is much bigger and heavier than some of the Marvel Legends action figures. With this size, you can actually appreciate the detail on Cap's paint and sculpt more than smaller figures once you put them on the shelf.

MS Captain America, ML Steve Rogers & ML Bucky Cap

With some decent articulation along with this statue-like appearance, I say you gotta have the Marvel Select Captain America: The First Avenger in your collection.

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