Sunday, 16 September 2012

Deadpool (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Deadpool
Marvel Select Deadpool (by Diamond Select Toys) is simply a work of art to anyone who is particular with sculpt and paint details. Every single surfaces and corners of this action figure is beautifully crafted that it is almost comparable to a statue. Although today I already find this action figure annoying (and I will give you those reasons later) but I must admit that my attention got very much drawn to it when I first saw it at my local comic bookstore. This Deadpool just outshined the rest of the action figures on that shelf, and I even choose this guy over the Marvel Select Hulk, which was also a really good piece of creation. I just foresaw how this Deadpool would look good in my room and I was psyched about it, and at that time when I was still a "noob" in collecting toys and collectibles, I had little knowledge about Diamond Select or Mattel Toys and other companies that make adult collector toys. I just take whatever cool stuff that was around there without thinking too much. I think most beginners though (as I was once) are in that stage were they just dive in into the world of action figure, toys and statue collection.

And speaking of beginners, this Marvel Select Deadpool in my opinion might be the best first step in bringing someone into the hobby. Why? It's because the MS Deadpool treads the line between being an absolute kick-ass and being just a lame action figure. In that way, the collector would learn what good is... and what bad or lame is.

When I took this action figure out from its package, I got blown away by the number of weapons he's got:

2 Handguns
2 Katanas
2 Sais
1 Assault Rifle

...and I can actually place all those weapons together around Deadpool or make him wield some of it. In addition, he got those throwing knives, straps and utility belts molded around his body making him look even more SICK!

This ninja-like feature and this sort of "the ultimate killing-machine" persona of this action figure has also got some ultimate killing stupidity! ...and now I'm gonna tell you why I got annoyed of this action figure. Well actually... just a little annoyed.

Those double-jointed knees are terribly useless when you have the rest of the body lacking in articulation and almost immovable. The best thing you can do with those double-jointed knees is to put splints around those and forget that it got double-jointed knees, because the only way you can pose this guy is to let him just stand upright, and make him wield a couple of handguns to make him look like he's practice shooting. It just bugs me and make me ask why create such action figures and strip away its "soul". I mean, I would probably understand if this is the Punisher or RoboCop or characters with absolutely zero acrobatic and ninja-like tendencies, but this is frickin Deadpool! Would have been nice if it had a little articulation to the torso, ankles and neck.

Now here's a size comparison:

It is kinda odd that he is taller and bigger than the Marvel Select Iron Man. This would likely look weird if I have them stand side by side on my displays, and obviously he can't blend in with Marvel Legends action figure line (just look at him standing next to ML Cyclops), but overall Marvel Select Deadpool is a pretty decent figure. I can't say that it is a "must-have" action figure but if you're a collector then I think you should get him.

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