Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ultron (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Ultron
I just wish all Marvel Select action figures (I mean all of them) have the same articulation as the Marvel Select Ultron. Almost any kind of pose I could imagine, I can make with this guy! I believe this is the only Marvel Select figure that can compete with any Marvel Legends figures in a "Strike-a-Pose Contest." Furthermore, like the ML Sentinel, this is one of those action figures that collectors may build an army. So we're hoping Diamond Select will mass-produce alot of these Ultrons cause everyone I knew are planning to assemble one!

I may have to call this the "Ultra-poseable Ultron!" What's amazing is that this Marvel Select got those ankle rockers, not usually seen in some of the MS action figures, that serve useful when I try to make him do some dynamic pose. Other articulations that contribute to this ultra-poseability includes; a diaphragm swivel, a waist swivel, ball-jointed hips, double-jointed knees, ankle swivels, single-jointed elbows, wrist and shoulder swivels, and ball-jointed neck.

You can flex him, twist him, bend him side to side. Or break him if you like to do some kind of an aftermath scenery. Just kidding- he is $28 when I bought him but who knows; as soon as I assemble my army, I might customize or break some of them.

I wish he had interchangeable hands that I can switch. Maybe have both hands on closed fists and have him beat up probably some Avengers, but it's not a big thingy! Poseability is highly important for an action figure while playability and detail comes next.

Ultron vs. Hawkeye (height)
There is just one little issue with Ultron and that's his height. Not pretty sure but I think he is much much taller than Hawkeye or Cap. I wish he is slightly taller,... like tall as Thor maybe. It would have made him look more intimidating along with this silver android body he has. But other than that, there are no major issues.

This action figure got me thinking to write a blog, something like an "The Ultron Make-over" to all Marvel Select action figures. I don't know, but maybe this is an improvement showed by Diamond Select Toys and we hope they keep up the good work.


  1. I'm contemplating getting one of these... can my tiny apartment possibly hold anymore action figures?? :D

    1. LoL, mine is a small room, probably 3 times smaller than you're apartment. That's why I'm just putting all the Marvel Select action figures on display because that's my "theme of the month," while I keep the rest of those that doesn't belong there inside storage boxes. Next month it would probably be all Marvel Legends or all Play Arts, depending on what "theme" I like.