Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rhino (Marvel Select)

Here comes mister big and stout out with his snout! This Marvel Select Rhino is one hell of an action figure. Though I'm not really a huge fan of the character and probably one of my least favourite super villains, but Marvel Select did a superb job on this Rhino figure here especially with the paint application and sculpt. In addition, Rhino can well execute a better charging pose than the Marvel Select Juggernaut. No doubt, this is definitely one of Marvel Select's finest.

Marvel Select Rhino

Then again, they captured a more classic and accurate look of an action figure while adding a higher detail on its paint and sculpt. You can see how Rhino's skin just looked almost real with all these cracks and creases around combined with shadings of dark and light grays.

Most eye-catching of all are these ivory-like horns and toenails with all these imperfections that made it looked as though it belonged to an African rhino or an elephant. The face sculpt is pretty impressive having that grimmacing look over his face but the application of the flesh colour is too simple and flat.

Articulation wise, I think it's not really that good as I may have expected but considering the fact that at least I can do a charging pose on this Rhino, I'm not that really bothered about it. Still let me show you why it may bother someone who's very particular with articulations.

Rhino has this collar joints that's suppose to move forward and back in a somewhat 90 degree motion for a more emphasized full frontal assault, but it seems to be not working properly on my Rhino. He doesn't have bicep swivels, just the rotation on the elbows and wrists, and shoulders that can move up and forward. No double-jointed elbows and knees. Quite suprisingly, the diaphragm swivel is able to move and lean Rhino only towards the sides but not to the front and back! This would have at least help cope with the limited articulation on Rhino's neck. No ball joints to the hips and without that, the legs tends to move to the side and up in a weird way. Perhaps, the only saviour to Rhino's dumb articulation are these ankle rockers, which probably helped him stand on one feet.

This Marvel Select action figure doesn't come with any extra accessories or base stand yet interestingly Rhino got peg holes at the soles of his feet. With the horn, he stands maybe 5 millimeter taller than the Juggernaut but Rhino looks leaner with his 8-inch height.

Head to Head!
Totally, this figure is recommendable whether or not you're a big fan of this guy. Marvel Select Rhino will be a great addition to your display of "Select Collection." I am happy about it and so would you.


  1. Hey Combo,I would love to to see some pics of your display of all theses great Marvel Select and Legends figures!

    1. I'll be more happy to show you pics of my display but it'll be coming August this year when this blogsite turns 1 year old, and when I get some new shelves for my ever growing collection.

  2. Thanxx ;)Looking forward to it!