Friday, 8 February 2013

Storm (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Storm
Being a Marvel Select collector is like being with a person with unpredictable mood swings. One minute she will keep you warm and fuzzy then later she'll give you a headache. I guess I should get used to it by now; collecting them for almost a year. Although Marvel Select has been very consistent on creating action figures with highly detailed sculpt and complex paint apps, the articulation seems quite like a weather. Marvel Select doesn't really have, I'd say- a general standard with their articulation. Like some action figures having this type of issue, Storm has a great sculpt but the design and poseability is a let down. She is definitely on the "stormy" side of this toyline in my opinion.

What really bothers me is her "vibranium steel-hard" cape that is so stiff and super-solid, which limits movements to her shoulders. It is even stiffer and harder than Captain America's shield, no kidding! You see, the MS Gambit's trench coat is made of soft and pliable plastic... so why not on Storm's cape? This is not how we should treat the Queen of Wakanda (the former, by the way). On the side note, Wakanda is a nation rich in vibranium ores, so maybe that explains the cape... but I don't know- this figure just makes me laugh and wonder at the same time.

At least this action figure got an accessory that you may be familiar of- the Danger Room background prop! Unlike other Danger Room props, hers actually got attaching holes where you can hook up couple of these added accessories: the flamethrower and the pizza slicer.

But the real good news is that Storm can actually take off her cape! It requires pulling her head off from its ball-joints, removing her cape, re-attaching her head and wallah!- Storm ala Next Top Model. Now this would open for some ways and opportunities to customize this figure.

You may not want to redefine or reconstruct Storm. The proportions and measurements of her arms, legs and torso are perfect. The paint application and texturing between her skin and her uniform is absolutely well-done. Her uniform is glossier and shinier in contrast with her skin, and I love that.

And although removing the cape may have brought in some air to her shoulders, other areas of her body are still hungry for some articulations. No waist swivel, ab crunch or even diaphragm swivel, and no ankle rockers. This action figure just makes you cry, and it's pointless to mention what her arms and legs can do when the poseability is nearly nothing.

Without wearing that high-heeled boots, Storm would probably stand roughly around 6.3 inches so I still think the Marvel Select Captain America is taller even in this picture.

Now the question is- should I recommend it? Well it really depends what you're trying to achieve from collecting Marvel Selects. If you're already on the process of trying to build the X-men (Marvel Select) team, then you got to get Storm.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yeah, this is actually a more good-looking Storm than the ones from other toylines.

  2. Love that Danger Room prop!

    1. Gambit and Cyclops got those too but Storm's DR prop looks fantastic!