Monday, 18 February 2013

Iron Patriot & Extremis (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Iron Patriot and Extremis
I am very much excited about the third movie for Iron Man coming out this May, and I really expect it to be better than the first two movies now that Stark's major archenemy, the Mandarin is there! Plus the movie is slightly based from the Extremis Iron Man storyline, and... oh Iron Patriot is gonna be there as well so I can't wait to see how this movie turns out with all these added characters.

Today, I'm going to present two Iron Men. We got the new Iron Patriot that came out couple weeks ago and, of course the Extremis Iron Man that came out around 2012 in that Terrax Wave Series, which I should have done a review last year. But for the sake of this upcoming movie and for the sake of variety, I'm gonna do a review on both since they got the same body mold and articulation with the obvious differences on their colours.

Iron Patriot, of course has that red, white and blue scheme while Extremis got the traditional red and gold Iron Man suit. Notice the red colours on Iron Patriot is much lighter than Extremis, and the eyes are orange while Extremis got white ones. The overall paint job on both action figures are pretty decent with its plain solid colours that really doesn't have much details on it.

One of the minor differences between the two body molds are those symbols on their chests. We know Extremis has that "inverted triangle" on his, and Iron Patriot got his "star." Another minor difference is the size of each of their hands and its orientation. You may not notice it at first glance but Iron Patriot has a slightly larger pair of hands than Extremis, shooting his repulsor rays from his right palm in contrast with Extremis' hands.

The rest of the sculpt, proportions and features of the two are completely the same; even the sculpt on their toes are completely the same. They both stand about 6.5 inches tall, probably got same weight regardless of the size difference of their hands!

The most important poseability you want to see on an Iron Man is a head that looks all the way up, in addition to a torso that bends all the way back to get him to do a more pronounced flying pose! Both these guys achieved this poseability. Other articulations include double-jointed elbows, ball-hinged shoulders with the adjustable shoulder guards, wrists that can twist and move up and down, diaphragm swivel, double-jointed knees, hinged ankles, and they got this upper thigh swivel that cuts diagonally across its thighs, which is pretty unique for these figures.

I'd say both action figures are "a must get" if you're trying to complete Terrax and Iron Monger, with Extremis, of course having Terrax's right leg and Iron Patriot coming with Monger's torso (the torso looks pretty big so it seems like we're getting a pretty big build-a-figure). Iron Patriot and Extremis just look pretty awesome standing side by side, and both are great additions to your collection.


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