Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thing (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Thing
Everybody loves Benjamin Grimm. I mean, who doesn't? The guy's adorable. Behind that rocky, crusty outer layer, lies a warm and gooey core of his. He can literally pummel through an entire squad of ninjas and mindless trolls, yet cry on a farewell scene of a romantic movie. Indeed, you can't truly judge a rock by its cover. But to all you mamas out there, I'm not gonna be telling a story about some fictional guy who's been an essential member of the Fantastic Four. I'm going to take a close look at this Marvel Select action figure, and ooh boy... this is going to be a grim look on Mr. Grimm here.

It is already given that Marvel Select figures are not really designed for some great amounts of poseability, so I'm not going to rant anymore with regards to this issue but rather give some opinions or suggestions on how to improve on the poseability part especially on this Thing.

But first, I got to say this is rather a more accurate rendition of Thing. All these cracks and ridges are well sculpted, and the brown colour is in perfect tone just as what a Thing should be. I know some people are complaining about how oversized his arms and hands is but to me, it's never been an issue. To give sense to Thing's odd body structure, just imagine how warts would grow at a size of a brick populating the entire skin,... gross isn't it! Luckily, it gives him superpowers and... instead, it made the guy look cool.

Surprisingly, it's got 14 points of articulation; has swivel-hinged neck, ball-hinged shoulders, single-jointed elbows, wrist swivels, waist swivel, ball-socketed hips, single-jointed knees, and hinged ankles.

Now lets talk about improvements (the need of it). There are some major issues that needs to be modified or removed. Notice the elbow as it is flexed; there is this sharp edge hanging that needs to be sawed off or filed. Another area that needs to be sawed off is this wide area around his groin. Perhaps it needs to be narrowed down, add some ball-joints plus swivel to the upper thighs. When you create a big and heavy figure like Thing, you gotta give him the ankle rockers and ankle swivels to help with balance. This action figure is actually pretty heavy and stands about 8.5 inches tall.

This guy is literally a rock! Despite having the lack of articulation, this Thing is awesome for display, and he is in perfect scale with the rest of the Select figures. Unfortunately, he comes with this nonsensical accessory (like the one with Juggernaut) for which I don't bother talking about. You may wanna have this Marvel Select Thing in your collection, but this is not something you should have right now.

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