Friday, 22 February 2013

Iron Man - Heroic Age (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Bleeding Edge Iron Man
According to my calculations and intensive research, Bleeding Edge (a.k.a. Heroic Age Iron Man) won't appear in this third Iron Man movie despite tie-ins by the movie with Hasbro, and having an "Iron Man 3-themed" package as you can see on one of these photos. Like I've said in my Iron Patriot review, the movie will be circling around the Extremis storyline but I do hope I'm wrong since this version of Iron Man's armour is probably my favourite.

And just to show you the packaging, you can see the Mark 42 suit (as seen in the movie) right on these corners, also with the Avengers logo. He comes with this left leg of Iron Monger, and at the back there's a picture of how Iron Monger would look like once you complete it this coming fall. Yes that's right, 7 months from now... have to deal with it. This first batch of Iron Man figures (which came out 2 weeks ago) includes the Iron Patriot and the Hornhead Classic Iron Man which, needless to say, not gonna be in the movie as well.

Out from its package, I can really tell this Iron Man is bulkier than the previous ones they have just by holding it. This guy seems like he has been working out! But for some funny feeling, I find the head and face sculpt along with the paint job a bit weird- looks like he's flirting or something. It's hard to explain.

The paint job needs some minor improvements especially with that arc reactor at the center of his chest. I feel a need to customize it; put a little white in the middle as well as with all these blue dots around his chest, arms and legs. Looking closely at his red and gold armour, I see some waves and lines within the plastic, and not solidly coloured but it's completely unnoticeable from a distance. Overall, the paint and sculpt is nicely done.

Moving now to articulation, Hasbro has been recently consistent in providing us with highly poseable action figures and I can name alot. With Iron Man figures, I usually get them to do a "flying pose" first before anything else for me decide whether they're a pass or a fail. Being unable to do a flying pose equals fail, and this Bleeding Edge Iron Man is almost a fail if it wasn't for some trick I found online about how to flying-pose this guy.

So anyways, it's really simple; you gotta remove the head, pull the ball-hinge all the way back and put the head back.

He's got an ab crunch that lets you bend his torso all the way back and front. I'm glad they gave him a waist swivel as well. He's got shoulder joints, swivel to the biceps, double-jointed elbows, and twist to the wrists. Now the only problem with the articulation on his arms are these arm guards that extend towards the back of his hands; hindering that movement when you try have him do a repulsor blast pose, but what you can do is twist the wrist and position it where that arm guard is not on its way. I got no complains with the articulation on his legs. It got a nice T-joint that lets you move his legs up and back, and to the side. Thigh cuts, double-jointed knees, hinged-ankles and ankle pivots are here for the job.

Standing at around 6.8 inches tall and with that extra bulk, this Bleeding Edge Iron Man is probably a more accurately scaled Iron Man I have seen so far that blends perfectly well with other Marvel Legends. Hasbro nailed it this time after all those growth deficient Iron Men they've been giving us for the past few years.

Regardless with that funny look on his face and some minor problems with the paint job and articulation, I'd still recommend this guy probably because of his overall good points he have. It's definitely something you must have whether or not you're a huge collector of these Iron Man figures.


  1. Glad to see how awesome this figure is seeing how I just bought him, but haven't had time to open him up yet.

    1. Outside of the package, you'll definitely enjoy this Iron Man.

  2. It seems that they are very articulated..Great score!