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DeLorean Time Machine: Back To The Future (Diamond Select Toys)

Diamond Select DeLorean Time Machine
"Marty... I shrunk the time machine!" Well then finally, we got a science experiment that does not only prove time travel but also prove shrink rays (mixing two sci-fi movies actually), but someone or something has got to stop shrinking the number of days. It seems like yesterday when I enjoyed celebrating the New Year, and now January is ending then we'll come to 28 days of February... and then spring and summer, and so on. It seems like we're travelling forward into the future at a fast rate then realize things just suddenly changed. No wonder "time" is such an interesting place to travel. No wonder fiction writers come up with these time machines and time travelling gadgets that send us back in time, and the DeLorean Time Machine is inarguably my favourite of them all... it's the coolest time machine you'll get to ride on.

For this review, I'm gonna be having a little break talking about articulation, accessories and the stuff that I like to mention on an action figure. There are just two things to talk about; design and feature.

Before I begin showing you the cool things about this toy, I'd like to give you a bit of a background on this old futuristic car, the DeLorean DMC-12. This was built between 1981-82 by DeLorean Motor Company. This was the only car produced by the company and it still exist today but only a few of it runs around the streets and rarely been seen. This car has always been an iconic figure for the Back to the Future trilogy and the entire movie industry.

Now, first lets take a look at the design and the detail around this car. It measures about 7x15 inches and all I can say is- Diamond Select Toys captured the shape, the contour and the design of the original DeLorean from the movie. Even the interior got all the parts accurate like the dashboard and gauges, and especially that "flux capacitor" between the two seats. They didn't miss out on all the parts. One thing they didn't include though is the DMC logo in front of the grill.

The innovated back trunk has got some really nice Doc Brown's science stuff molded on it with some bronze and silver paint wash going in there. At the rear, it got these tail lights under this pair of modified tail fins looking like a blazing jet engine. The wheels are rubbery so it runs forward pretty straight; having these wheels gripping firmly unto the floor.

The body is painted entirely with silver and the interior is painted with beige. Nothing really going on under the chassis, it's just painted with black. The entire car is made mostly of hard plastic so it's not really heavy and probably going to break easily, so stabilize the wheels if you want it displayed.

Now lets get into the feature but before that, lets be aware that this one I have is the part 1 version and it doesn't have features like the flipping wheels and extra sound effects. This DeLorean got the left and right Gullwing doors and a hood that opens facing the windshield. What's mind blowing is that little flux capacitor that lits up and glimmers everytime you turn this thing on. You'll see it on the video.

We can start by activating the DeLorean by popping the hood of this car where we can see a switch. So it's really simple, all we have to do is press this button rear top and it will start making some sounds and lights (I have to use a video camera on this).

I would definitely recommend anyone, probably around my age to get this mini-replica of the DeLorean. If you haven't watch the movie, then go watch it! Have your kids watch the movie as well, I'm sure they'll love it! Bring this mini DeLorean at home, and I'm sure they'll get pretty excited.

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  1. I think a remake of the original movie is definitely in order ;)