Sunday, 20 January 2013

He-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics)

Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man
Here's another iconic character from the 80's cartoons and this time from the Masters of the Universe- He-Man! Probably alot of you have already seen this He-Man action figure so many times but this is sort of a prelude to what I'm going to be showing some time around this year- I don't know when but I'll be reviewing and giving you my thoughts on my little MOTUC collection this 2013. "Little" because I'm only picking up a few of them especially the main characters and without any second thoughts, He-Man was the first thing on my list. Regardless of all these different special features and gimmicks from different MOTUC figures like extendable necks and furry skins and stuff, the most powerful man in the universe is still the most awesome action figure in this toyline... and nothing can beat the hairdo!

The paint apps on He-Man is not really that of high degree and complexity and this is what you'll expect on all MOTUC action figures, but you gotta love how Mattel maintained the original classic look of He-Man and the rest of these guys. Moreover, they made some improvements with his sculpt; having a more realistic and proportionate anatomical structure and muscle mass than his 25-year old ancestor.

But I got one real gripe about how this figure is designed and these are his huge joint fasteners that are making some huge holes over his knees and elbows, and it just not eye-appealing. He got some decent amount of detail on his loincloth and that strap crisscrossed over his chest with the cross emblem at the center. Now this cross may be the Knights Templars cross or of religious origin but I got zero clue as to how and why He-Man adopted this symbol (someone needs to do some 'xplaining here). I am neither a hater nor a fan of this cross; this for me is just "He-Man cross" but personally though, I like the "H" symbol better.

The articulation is actually not bad. Not the best though; there are good ones and some issues but you can get a few nice poses from He-Man here. Lets start with the good stuff! He got this double-hinged shoulders that lets you raise his arms straight up especially when you get him to do that "I... am... He-Man!!" thing. The neck is ball-jointed and the hips are ball-hinged. He got bicep swivels, wrist swivels, upper and lower thigh swivels, ankle joints, ab crunch and ankle rockers. Now the bad- the ankle joints and rockers are pretty loose and wiggly (hopefully on mine), so it was ridiculously time consuming to get him to stand and do some dynamic pose. No double-joints to the elbows and knees, and I'm not sure why Mattel have not considered installing this. Overall, the articulation on this figure is more likely average.

He-Man comes with a variety of weapons; his primary weapon of course, the Power Sword, along with his battle axe, shield, and this half-Power Sword, which probably goes with the other half that Skeletor has. His shield has this clip behind that fits perfectly around his forearm and/or may go at the back hanging unto his holster. The holster for his weapons is entirely removable; so get him topless, get him go berserk.

Standing around 6.85 inches and with an enormous muscular  physique, he can mix in well with some Marvel Select or TMNT figures.

Recommending this figure to someone is completely unneccessary; He-Man is undoubtedly the most essential character in the lore. Regardless of what the entire critics say about him, He-Man is a default item to all MOTUC collectors.


  1. Agree..if i am a huge fan..i definitely get it with his tiger and his enemy too..great score!

    1. Thanks, right now I'm still working on getting some of the MotU characters.