Monday, 7 January 2013

Dante: Devil May Cry 3 (Play Arts Kai)

Play Arts Kai Dante (by Square Enix)
Not that I am making a mockery out on this figure but I'd like to point out that the feature and sculpt on Dante's head can easily be re-used for a female action figure. I mean it is possible and yet, for me, this is probably a more accurate rendition of Dante on an action figure. I always look at him as one of the pretty boys in the game world. You know those video game characters with unblemished skin and nice hair; as though they are being followed by a hairdresser while fighting bad guys (Final Fantasy is filled with them)! But I like Dante, I adore his job being a devil hunter and this guy is crazy, and having this action figure in my collection just fattens my heart. What I really like though is the DMC4 Dante that was already out before this guy here, and it's not that because this version of Dante I have has a juvie feature, but because he just lack some aggression over his face.

Nevertheless, this Play Arts figure is probably among those figures with superb articulation. Even Dante's trench coat can move! With a few snaps and clicks at the bottom part of his coat, you can get a dynamic air assault pose from Dante. The two ball-hinges that made this pose possible is what make this action figure unique. In addition, he has these pair of hinges that are located between his shoulders and chest (I don't really know what to call them) that would allow you to move his shoulders towards the center of his body. This is useful when you want him to cross his arms while holding his handguns; again for that dynamic pose and stylish gun fight.

Other areas of articulation are pretty much Play Arts standard. ball-jointed neck and shoulders, ball-hinged elbows and wrist. He's got diaphragm swivel and ball-jointed hips; this guy can salsa! And I like how this figure hides his ball-jointed hips with this soft rubbery thing that's part of his pants, and again with the double-jointed extending knees. They also incorporated a couple of mid-calf swivel, hinges to both ankles and rockers that are almost not there.

But you gotta like Play Arts for being consistent of keeping both decent articulation and high amount of sculpt and paint apps together. His red trench coat just looks leathery and feels leathery, and the details such as the straps, elbow pads, and the creases and all that are being molded and sculpted professionally. Dante got two holsters at his back where you can snug his handguns tight and fit. I like how his dark faded jeans came out having a little of these brown wash all over the place. Dante got this perfect male model body, and he got this strap across his chest, which, I presume, a part for his holsters and kinda act like a protective covering for his male nipples.

Dante comes with some basic accessories and this really cool weapon called the Nevan! You won't have this on the DMC4 Dante and this Nevan here can actually turn from this hellishly cool-looking guitar to this demonic scythe (looks kind of like an arm of an insect). And of course, he got his primary weapons; his two handguns- Ebony and Ivory, and his humongous sword- The Rebellion that almost rival his height.

Speaking of height, this DMC3 Dante may look tall prior to being size compared due to his skinny body type, but he is actually an inch short to Solid Snake. For me, this height of Dante is not so accurate since he is long-legged and he's probably the same height as Snake.

Now the question is... should I recommend this figure? Well he runs like around $68 bucks on retail so might as well get him than pay more than a hundred on a DMC4 Dante. Personally, I prefer the DMC4 Dante because of the more mature and masculine looks of his, but this one is not bad.

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