Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mystique (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Mystique
Truly, Mystique is a master of disguise and deception. You probably didn't realize it but she was around since Wave 2 in the form of Madame Hydra. All this time, she's been listening to people complaining about how the Return of Marvel Legends (by Hasbro) action figures are not as impressive as the Toy Biz ones. Now she had enough, and now she is unveiling her true identity together with everything she got... guns!

But all joking aside, if you ever had the Marvel Legends Madame Hydra or Madame Mask from Wave 2 (which I didn't bother getting) then you can actually compare them and see that both Mystique and Madame use the same body mold. Apparently, it's part of the business where toymakers use previous body molds to save money.

Although, I kind of wished Hasbro could have released a different Marvel character instead of this Mystique for Wave 3, and maybe put her in Wave 4 or 5 next year, and although I like Mystique better on this body mold but people are just tired looking at this mold especially when it's repeatedly being used over and over.

"Sniper Pose"

And not only that, Mystique's articulation is very much the same as Madame. No added joints or whatsoever. The only differences is... well obviously, the paint apps. Mystique got some pretty good articulation but I wouldn't say it's impressive. She got this long hair that's hindering her head movement, but it's completely pliable and you can still have her turn side to side by just moving it out of the way. She doesn't have waist swivel, no ankle rockers and no ab crunch. She can hold this big gun pretty good... and I like it! But with limited poseability, she is not really that exciting.

Mystique comes with 4 different type of beautifully crafted guns, one of them is an assault rifle and a submachine gun. Having all these guns, she probably don't need her mutant powers and her style of deception! In the comics, I know Mystique is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and firearms but I don't remember her being a soldier-type character. She is more like a spy for Magneto and his Brotherhood, and I think she carries lighter weapons (something like handguns) more likely than something used for an all out war and destruction.

But I'm glad the makers have given us an abundance of weapons we can use maybe for other Marvel Legends or Select action figures that lack the arsenals and the accessories, and/or the ones that don't even have. This is a lovely action figure. If you have the Madame Hydra, you might have to throw her away because Mystique takes this one.

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