Sunday, 30 September 2012

Doctor Doom (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Dr. Doom
I call this the "High-Definition Dr. Doom," or... "HD Doom" whatever. Marvel Legends Dr. Doom Wave 3 is simply a remake of the Marvel Legends Dr. Doom- Ronan BAF Series, which are both by Hasbro. There are no major differences between the two Dooms; the sculpt and articulation are almost the same except that the paint job on the Wave 3 Dr. Doom is highly detailed and more realistic. Wave 3 Dr. Doom, or HD Doom rather is like a Blu-Ray version of a DVD.

If you have the Ronan Series version, I wouldn't advice you to pick the new one. I think the previous Dr. Doom looks good but this one looks alot better.

What's unique about the HD Doom is that... he comes with an action figure base! (BIG DEAL). And if you've seen some photos of some of my Wave 3 action figures at my other blog, you'll see that they each come with these nonsensical bases. He got that fastening holster on the side where you can keep his pistol.

Like the Ronan Series Doom, He still got the removal mask and cowl. His head can turn in all four directions but serves useless since you gotta have him wear the cowl that restricts the head movement,... but this is Doom anyway! He is the bossman, who sits on his throne and calls the shots,... and got a battalion of Doombots under his command.

One thing I don't like particularly with this action figure are those shoes. I'm not a fan of those medieval pointy shoes he's wearing. I've seen other versions in the comics and some video games where he just wear plain and simple metallic shoes. This one just looks goofy.

Overall, this HD Doom looked actually very nice and neat, and being one of the iconic figures of Marvel, this guy is a must have.


  1. That's COOL- I have a Marvel Select Doom still in the box and he does not have the pointy, medieval shoes (I actually like that about this new Legends Doom) Great figure here- love the paint & removable mask, too

    1. The Select Dr. Doom rocks!... and he's got a pretty cool base.