Friday, 5 October 2012

Colossus (Marvel Select)

This guy has been capturing my attention lately and probably been an attention-grabber time and time again to every comic book readers of Marvel now that, especially, he is wearing the crown as the "new" Juggernaut. Although the original Juggernaut for me, is inarguably the best guy to hold this title, Colossus will remain one of my favourite guys in the comic book world and it doesn't matter whether he has changed or unchanged.

Marvel Select Colossus
And for its action figure, the Marvel Select Colossus easily got sold out at my local comic bookstore in less than 2 months. Truly, a hot item! Marvel Select had done a great job making this guy. By far, this is the only Colossus action figure that has a perfectly sculpted body; the definition of his muscles, the fine ridges around his body, and the length of his arms and legs are accurately well-done.

He stands about 8.2 inches tall, just towering over every member of his team of X folks. Literally, his presence is felt, outshining every Marvel Select action figure that stands beside him. Moreover, this guy just makes the Select Wolverine obviously a poorly designed and less poseable action figure.
One thing that irks me is that this guy is missing waist articulation! He's got ankle pivots, ball-jointed neck and everything but waist articulation that would have made him as poseable as the Marvel Select Ultron (which I already did a review on this blog), but this is no biggie. In addition, this guy only has single-joints to his elbows and knees but I can still make him pose the way I like him to do.
If you're a Marvel Select action figure collector, I would definitely recommend you to get this guy. He just looks neat and awesome, and he is one of the greatest figures of Marvel Select.

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  1. I really need a Colossus for my collection.Preferably in the 3 3/4 scale.Great pics BTW ;)