Sunday, 28 October 2012

Spawn - The Art of Spawn (McFarlane Toys)

The Art of Spawn - Spawn
Neither an angel nor a demon; made by hell, revered by heaven. The second and final monster that I'm gonna be unleashing this weekend for my "Pre-Halloween Monster Treat" needs no damn long introduction. He is McFarlane's finest creation, one of the iconic figures in comic book history, and the one that made Marvel and DC superheroes a bunch of incompetent bedwetters. He is the darkest superhero of all time! Enter Spawn!

Like every Spawn figures, this 12-inch tall masterpiece maintained his traditional black and white suit with the enormous cape from hell covering his entire body, and carries this spiked armguard to his right hand. The only difference with this one from other Spawn action figures is the height; he is upscaled to 12 inches (almost as tall as the Marvel Legends Sentinel). This Spawn is from the Art of Spawn Series toyline, still created by McFarlane toys, where every action figure are three or four times bigger than their 6-inch counterparts.

One of the things I like about this one are those chains, which I believe made from sterling silver laced around his right shoulder and hanging unto his belt buckle.

The artists must have done some crazy job sculpting and painting that red cape of Spawn. It just looks as though Spawn is trying to manipulate that cape and have it dance so gracefully around him. I just don't know how the artists did this but it just looked fantastic!

Despite all these hellishly overwhelming "badassery", Spawn has a very limited movement and articulation. Aside from being neither an angel nor a demon, with this beautiful piece of work, his reputation goes beyond being neither an action figure nor a statue. He has a tinnie winnie rotation and movement to his waistline and ankles, and that's all about it! No head, shoulders, arms, legs, tongue joint articulation or whatsoever! But I kinda see why, ...because for some reason the Art of Spawn is made simply for the sake of art (bet you didn't know that).

And now for a size comparison together with his partner on this Pre-Halloween Monster Treat weekend! ...You know, I think they can be best buds!

Happy Trick o' Treating!

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