Saturday, 27 October 2012

Pitt (Legendary Comic Book Heroes)

Legendary Comic Book Heroes Pitt
Enter Pitt!! Tonight's "Pre-Halloween Monster" that I'm gonna be talking about is not from Marvel Select nor DC Direct but from the Legendary Comic Book Heroes (LCBH) toyline by Toy Biz (yep, the guys that created the original Marvel Legends). And for those people who haven't had any clue what this action figure is, Pitt here is a build-a-figure (BAF), and stands about 9 inches tall! He is part of the Image Comic Universe, the company that brought us some real awesome characters like The Crow and Witchblade, and other cool comic book heroes that can "wow!" even the most undesirably die hard Marvel or DC fan.

To tell you a little bit of background about LCBH, when Toy Biz lost its ownership rights over Marvel Legends, they started this new toyline that is based on non-Marvel and non-DC comicbook characters. It basically follows the same framework with Marvel Legends; stuffs like BAF's, 2 Packs, special editions and so on.

To build Pitt, you need to purchase each of his parts individually together with the action figures that comes with it. I just bought him on eBay already in one piece so I didn't go through the hustle of finding each of them month after month. But if you want to experience the thrill of the hunt, then this will be one challenging task for you. It's actually not hard to find a cheap price for Witchblade, Savage Dragon, Madman & Superpatriot, but Judge Dredd and that elusive Ripclaw... goodluck!

What made this action figure really an eye-catcher is this sort of intimidating look he carries over his face and physical features; he is massive and the hands are almost the size of your 2-year old kid. Pitt got this large talons or claws that could probably deal some damage with its ripping power! The details on his arms, legs and feet are lifelike, and this is the reason why I respect Toy Biz even more than other toy companies, cause these guys are just serious at doing their job.

Like I said, he is 9 inches tall. He stands an inch taller than the Marvel Select Hulk. What I thought was the biggest action figure, the MS Hulk stands a little shorter than Pitt. Click this link to see a size comparison.

You know, I honestly thought this action figure was a Marvel Select action figure but then I realized that his fingers are articulated individually. I thought maybe he is Marvel Legends but found no Pitt action figure listed when I dig through some of the websites. After awhile, I knew this was a Toy Biz figure before I purchased him on eBay. With all these amazing detail and articulation, I knew there is only one company who can put these all together.

Toy Biz Pitt vs. MS Colossus

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