Friday, 12 October 2012

Sentinel (Marvel Legends)

If you happen to know guys who collect Marvel Legends, ask them if they own the Sentinel, and mostly, they gonna say "are you kidding me? Got an army of them!" Some guys will tell you they just got one of these 15-inch toys towering over the rest of their collection. There has been hundreds of reviews on blogsites and YouTube about this Sentinel because this action figure is just so cool! This is one of ToyBiz's masterpiece, and one of the reasons why Hasbro was still standing on its shadow for quite a long time.

Marvel Legends Sentinel

I started collecting action figures for already 10 months now, and this Sentinel here came out around 2005, so... I can understand why you'll probably just look at all the photos and skip reading all the features and description about this toy, especially when you already had one a long time ago.

Anyways, this action figure is a build-a-figure (BAF), and the first BAF I completed. Parts like the legs, arms, torso and head comes with the action figure that has been designated to them. So like the Right Arm comes with the Black Panther and the Upper Torso comes with Spider-Man; and there is actually a list you can find online that can guide you in assembling Sentinel.

The paint detail and the sculpt on this guy is amazing. It's got a realistic feature that is unique and distinguishable to that of the Marvel Universe Sentinel. In other words, this is way better looking than the MU version. It's got a fine metallic wash on its armour, and you can see the wires and cables exposed around its sides.

The poseability on this Sentinel is neither impressive nor something of a letdown. I think some of the areas needs a bit of articulation to be added. Starting from the top, Sentinel's head can rotate 360 but cannot look up and down at full range. Underneath this pliable shoulder guards are ball-hinged shoulders and bicep swivels. He got double-jointed elbows, wrist rotations and the fingers are articulated individually, and you can stick these robotic tentacles to its palm- truly, I love this part here. At the torso area, Sentinel has diaphragm swivel, waist swivel and ball-jointed hips. Now the problem with Sentinel are its legs. Although it got double-jointed knees and swivel to the upper thighs, but the movement around his ankles are limited.

Marvel Legends Sentinel (Series 10) just towers over any Marvel Select action figures out there that ever existed. Truly, a masterpiece by Toybiz and, for me, building this figure is one of my greatest accomplishments.

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  1. This guy does look great!I collect more of the 3 3/4 stuff but will eventually have to score a Sentinel.