Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Thor - Marvel Now (Marvel Legends)

With the upcoming Avengers movie and the demands by fans for collectibles and other products from this exciting and big superhero mash-up, I think it is nice to get an action figure that we can relate to, ...like Thor. But will this Marvel Legends Thor show us some great improvement just as these great muscles around his arm? That we need to see! We need to see if this action figure of the Marvel Now version of Thor is living in the "now".

Marvel Legends Marvel NOW Thor

Being part of the Infinite Series Odin/King Thor Series, the Marvel Now Thor comes with a leg BAF piece and King Thor's sword inside this windowed box. Right then and there (without opening the box), you can see that this Thor looks almost identical to the Modern Thor from the Terrax BAF Series and I thought this isn't a good sign because he might have the same articulation as the first one we got three years ago.

And my assumptions were right- this is another ML Thor figure that doesn't have ankle pivots and double-jointed elbows. With the dawn of the Hasbro's ankle pivots/rockers that really helped get us some dynamic poses with our figures, we still see some of these old ways. They didn't update anything with this Thor but paint job and the sculpt of his head and arms. He still got that double-jointed knees that leaves an ugly gap every time you bend them.

To do a quick "comparison review", the skin colour on the ML Marvel Now Thor is lighter than the ML Modern Thor. Their Mjolnirs are interchangeable since they very much look alike but their arms to which these hammers can go are very different. Now Thor's arms are a lot bigger than that of Modern Thor's. Obviously, their head and face sculpts are different with the Modern Thor looking like he's younger.

I wish they have the same skin colour that way it doesn't look odd when I interchange their heads. Now Thor's helm features these iron wings at the sides and an extra cloth at the back which looked a lot cooler. His helm and his hammer has that dry brushing to make them look worn and battle-torn. However, I didn't like the fact they didn't do it around his chainmail pants. No shading or whatsoever around his belt, arms and chest.

Now Thor has this big red cape much like with our Modern Thor and still has that little gimmick around his belt where you can sling up his hammer for storage but I think I'll be fine with just him holding it.

I wouldn't say I recommend the Marvel Legends Marvel Now Thor nor I would say not to pick him. This is the closest rendition we got of this version and he would probably look appealing to a Marvel Now fan. The height is still unacceptable in my opinion. Standing at about 7.8 inches tall (almost 8 inches), he is too big for a Thor- almost the same height with the Marvel Legends Hulk. Hasbro needs to downscale him a bit! I'll probably give him a 7.5 out of 10 if I have to rate this figure.


  1. Replies
    1. Big and mighty... but Hasbro really need to downscale him a little bit.

  2. ... he's REALLY cool, but I am just full on Thor figures, LOL!

    1. ...can't have too many of them. we need to limit the population. LoL.

  3. I passed on the Coipel based Thor in the Terrax wave since he didn't come with a BAF part, but I think I do prefer that version over this new version. However I couldn't pass him up the other day when I found Thor along with both Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel. For now I'm keeping him, but I may go back for the previous version before it's all said and done.

    1. I prefer the Thor from the Terrax Wave because he is more akin to the movie Avengers Thor. The only thing that I would love that Thor to have are iron wings to his helmet like the ones we see here. I just think it's cooler.