Friday, 13 February 2015

Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends)

No other superhero or super-heroine could ever manipulate bad luck to his/her favor better than the mutant Avenger, Scarlet Witch. She can control probabilities! Her powers could get you to bite your own tongue, trip with your own shoelaces or get stranded in a heavy traffic jam. With all that being said, she's well good enough to be featured here for my Friday the 13th post. Scarlet Witch will soon appear in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, whose character will be played by Elizabeth Olsen who looked nowhere near to this action figure let alone the height. I'm a little pained that the movie didn't find a way to somehow infuse her signature suit, but I guess we'll see it someday.

Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch

The Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch figure is part of the Infinite Series Odin Build-A-Figure Wave that comes with The Allfather's cape and head. What really made my day with this figure is that we will finally get to throw away and get rid of that hideous Toy Biz Scarlet Witch with passion. She is simply the much better looking figure!

The figure is inside this collector-friendly windowed box that you can utilize for storage. And at the back of the package, you can see Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel being part of this "Maidens of Might" theme in which each of them carries a Build-A-Figure cape and head with the Captain Marvel figure carrying the pieces for King Thor.

The Scarlet Witch is using the ML Storm or the ML Medusa body structure, which have always been notorious for its insane height which doesn't look in-scaled with our "short men" as well as its slim high heels and toes that deny this figure from standing. Head and facial sculpt are done beautifully with Scarlet Witch's bangs curled over her headdress and the stern look that could be Wanda Maximoff translated into plastic.

The paint job, however, tells not a lot of stories. We see these red and pink colour scheme around her suit much like the one we always see in the comics. There are a few smudges and paint defects on mine but they are barely noticeable.

Her signature cape is removable which may not be an important deal since we don't want her to be displayed without it! But what really made me very happy about is her "magic effects" that adds playability to this action figure. These pink halo-like plastic embodying her hexes can be installed by fastening it between her hands and wrists.

The magic effect accessories don't impede with the articulation of the hands, which is good! Speaking of which, there are no added joints or hinges that separates this figure with the rest. The amount of articulation is the same as with our ML Storm and so there is no need to re-visit that with her.

To conclude my review on the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Scarlet Witch, I must say... get her! If you have been collecting these figures for a long time now, then you probably know that the Toy Biz version sucks. Regardless of her "height issue", I'd still recommend Hasbro's version since she looked simply gorgeous and good for display.


  1. The ladies are getting better from each wave. This is another great example after Black Cat in my opinion.

    1. Clearly, this Scarlet Witch figure is better than her predecessors with this type of body structure.

  2. Those hex accessories really help sell the figure. Love it. Can't wait to add her to my collection.