Saturday, 14 February 2015

Captain Marvel (Marvel Legends)

Captain Marvel is another Marvel comic book character who will have her own standalone film, and in addition, will be part of MCU's "Phase 3" together with the Doctor Strange and Black Panther movies. Around November of 2018 will be the release of her film. As to why we have a Marvel Legends Captain Marvel this early, that I got no clue. And as to why we got another Carol Danvers figure (as Captain Marvel), the fact that we already had the Ms. Marvel (a.k.a. Warbird) version of her 3 months back remains a mystery! Perhaps I'm just not used to of getting another version of a character too soon. Moreover and though not as surprising as the Machine Man figure, I was a little surprised she is introduced into this Series.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Nevertheless, she's a good action figure but though I wouldn't say- perfect! The figure has a few flaws. Not surprisingly, Hasbro used the Ms. Marvel body mold which is by the way, the only body mold that perfectly fits with Captain Marvel or any of Carol's alter ego.

Speaking of "alternating egos", Captain Marvel has two swappable alternate heads- masked and unmasked. She also has this accessory which we've seen from the Build-A-Figure Jubilee, which is, I think a bit lame on Hasbro's part to reuse a completely identical energy effect from a character to another character. This translucent soft plastic fits nice and tight around either one of her fists but it could have been a lot better and accurate if it is yellow instead of pink like this one.

The head and face sculpt on both heads are done well. Between the two heads, I like the "masked version" better because she looked badass! One of the many things Captain Marvel is renowned for. While the masked head got that mohawk exposed from underneath her helm, the unmasked version got this sort of Son Goku-type anime look to it (as it turns out). That's probably the reason why I prefer the masked one especially when I put her on display.

Her belt-sash is made of hard plastic which seem to be a nuisance when you get her to do a flying pose; moving along her slim waist and torso like an abacus. I find this to be not well executed because they could have used a soft plastic to keep it from not moving.

Paint application is the major weakness in this figure and she suffered the same fate as with our ML Ms. Marvel. There are paint smudges all over her shoulders and the way they painted the eyes (on the unmasked version) are not consistent. She has a bit of a lazy eye if you stare at her face closely.

You got the standard issue Marvel Legends Moonstone or Black Cat-type of articulation. When you peg in the unmasked head, she can't look up to more than 90 degrees to do a well executed dynamic pose, but with the masked head- that's not a problem. Nothing is added or changed to this Captain Marvel body structure articulation-wise.

Replacing Ms. Marvel head with a Captain Marvel head to her body is possible and it's not actually quite bad looking! But I assume, it's kind of not of the ordinary to see her look like this. She stands at 6.5 inches tall to the tip of her hair. She is not too short nor too tall (like the Scarlet Witch dwarfing the men) and I believe this body type should be the standard scale for all ML "maidens". Getting a Captain Marvel figure from Hasbro is something of a surprise and personally, not the figure that I would like to enter into our collection since we already had a Ms. Marvel.


  1. Agree, I prefer her with the mask.

    1. The mask version looked tremendously awesome.

  2. I like her with the mask on versus off.

  3. I just wish I could find this figure at retail!!

    1. Wal-Mart, Target and TRU already had the new Infinite Series Wave.