Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sentry (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Sentry
Here's another Legends action figure which was presumed "lost" after Hasbro didn't decide to release him as a running change for Hyperion couple of years ago. Almost equally as bad as with our Classic Hawkeye, Sentry's situation was mind-boggling; featured at two consecutive SDCC events but never showed up in our shelves. But hey hey hey, now he's here and he looked exactly like the Sentry I've seen in all those photos. Taller than your average ML figure, Sentry is muscular with this Hyperion body structure, and I kind of liked it even though I got a feeling that his muscles were never been this bulky in the comics. Perhaps when you're the "Superman of Marvel", you gotta have these kinds of muscles!

Sentry comes with Odin's arms as you can see inside this windowed package. The package still has the same Infinite Series-style to it having an artwork at each side and a bio of Sentry at the back as well as photos of the figures you get from this Wave. Along with Machine Man, a guy to which Sentry wasn't originally partnered with, they are the "Avenging Allies"!

I remember it was called "Conquering Heroes" when Sentry was suppose to be with Hyperion but all that has changed. One thing that didn't change and as I've mentioned earlier is that he's using the Hyperion body mold as well as one part of his cape. Unlike that of Hyperion's, Sentry doesn't have the part that cover his shoulders and I don't mind that as long as it is done intelligently. However, this lame design by just having the cape pegged below the back of his shoulders looked awful and it felt like playing that game called "Pin The Tail On The Cow".

But as long as Sentry is facing forward, he should look good on display. The head and face sculpt on the figure is decent. I like that they gave him that windswept look to his hair along with that stern look over his face. What's interesting though is that his right hand is partially opened, which is weird because I've never seen him holding unto anything. So what I did was, I stole Hyperion's right hand and replace Sentry's to make it look right with two of his hands already clenched.

I can't say anything bad about the paint job. He got a little bit of shading going on around his torso with the lighter orange blending well on the yellow paint, and a solid blue paint to his boots. This time Hasbro made less paint application issues unlike some their figures I've seen.

The belt is removable and I don't know why it needs to, but it's fun to goof around with it by putting it around his shoulder like a wrestler's title belt or give it to another figure and have him/her wear it.

The articulation is something you're probably familiar with right now. Unfortunately even with the ball-peg on his neck, Sentry cannot execute a much pronounce flying pose because of that solid stiff hair but the rest of the hinges and joints are fully functional without the limitations.

Simply better than the ML Toy Biz Sentry (from the Giant Man BAF Wave), this new Sentry created by Hasbro is something I would rather want to be in my collection. Even with that big issue with his cape, it's still forgivable because overall, he looked nice at front. I would totally recommend this figure if you're thinking of completing your New Avengers or Dark Avengers team.

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  1. I have the first -bearded- Sentry, and that is as much Sentry i will ever need. Not a classic. Millions more i would have prefer before. and the guy is dead on top of it all. By the way you made me laugh, with utmost respect, on your pin the tail to the cow. i believe the game, and or expression is to pin the tail to the donkey. But as english is only my third language i could perfectly be wrong. Still it made me smile. Good work.