Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Odin the Allfather & King Thor (Marvel Legends)

This Marvel Legends Odin and King Thor is the perfect representation of a "like father like son" look. Having almost indistinguishable features, both of them got the same torso, legs and height... and probably age (as you could see in their face sculpts), which gives me that bit of confirmation that sons may look exactly like their fathers when they get old. With Odin and King Thor being the Build-A-Figures in this Wave and with the Allfather not having met Thor in his grandpa version in the comics, it only feels right to review these two gods as we look at their similarities and differences.

Marvel Legends Odin the Allfather and King Thor (BAF)

If you're a "completionist" and have already gotten all the action figures that came with the BAF pieces, then you should be able to assemble either Odin or King Thor. The one thing that bugs me with this Series is that I actually have to purchase two Hawkeyes, two Iron Fists, and two Marvel Now Thors to bring the two Asgardians standing next to each other for these photos. I believe it's just ludicrous that Hasbro had forced collectors to spend another 60 or 70 dollars just to complete the other Build-A-Figure, which is in my case- King Thor.

It is important to know that Odin's and King Thor's heads as well as their capes and weapons are swappable since they are easy to remove and in the same scale. They roughly stand between 7.4 to 7.6 inches. The Allfather (of course), with his helm giving him the height, stands a little taller than the king. Surprisingly, these two stand almost of the same height as the Marvel Now Thor! -which really made me wish Hasbro could have downscaled this Thor figure to make him look a lot ideal.

Both their articulations are very much the same and got the same amount of hinges and joints as with the Marvel Now Thor, which I reviewed a week ago. Their heads can only move at a limited range because of their shoulder-length hairs and beards... and that ram horn on Odin's. Over their shoulders, there are pairs of shoulder guards that can pivot and are removable. They have rotations at the elbows which I'm not a huge fan of. No waist rotation however, they got swivel at the diaphragm. Their hips are on T-joints in which the movements are hindered by its skirts. Double-jointed knees, hinged ankles with the ankle pivot are also fused to their legs.

One thing that also bothers me with their shoulder guards is they didn't entirely cover the shoulders, which made it odd to look at. Each have their own accessories. For the Allfather of course, he got his scepter which I wish has some details on it than just a plain bronze-coloured plastic. The king got a battle axe made with a soft pliable plastic, which is kind of interesting why they go with such material. While holding their weapons, you can pair them with a broadsword or Thor's hammer since their hands are both on gripping poses. King Thor has the metal arm while Odin does not.

As for the sculpt and paint jobs of these figures, both are equally and fairly done. I think the area where Hasbro needs to work on are the details over their heads. Odin's helm show not a lot of shadings. Thor, on the other hand doesn't have much details on his hair. To me, the colours look flat on their faces but the armour on their chests, shoulders and feet are quite the opposite. They are paint-washed with gray to make them look like they're worn. I think these are the main highlights of these figures.

You can also see that their capes are very much the same with the Marvel Now Thor, which is... okay I guess? These wavy capes have a windswept effect that are nicely sculpted. Even though we see these being reused, it still fits and doesn't make the figure look bad.

Overall, the Marvel Legends Odin and King Thor aren't bad figures once you get them on display but I really hoped Hasbro could have at least made a few extra effort on the details. Moreover, the articulation could have been better if they didn't use the Marvel Now Thor framework. Despite all the matter, it's a must-get figure since this is the first 6-inch scale Odin and King Thor action figure we got from Marvel Legends.


  1. I wasn't too keen on this series' BAF, but since I liked all but one figure (Sentry) I decided I'd go ahead and assemble Odin. Don't care for King Thor so I'm not faced with buying multiple figures. Thanks for sharing the two side by side.

    1. Odin is the only BAF I just needed to complete. I care less about the King Thor BAF and some of the figures like Marvel Now Thor, Machine Man and Captain Marvel in this Wave.

  2. The have made a good paint wash for his armor but why don't they go all the way for the weapon and head gear.

    1. That's just the oddest thing about Hasbro. They're inconsistent most of the time.

  3. They should have taken advantage of this and made a variant green color of Danny Rand, maybe even a maskless, bullseye face Hawkeye, and I don't know what they could've done with Thor but SOMETHING. All in all, this wave was a 'few steps' forward on Hasbro's part. I enjoyed the wave aside from not really caring about getting King Thor. Wasn't perfect and as you already pointed out, Hasbro is inconsistent with the paint detailing... but it was something.