Friday, 13 March 2015

Broly: Dragon Ball Z (S.H.Figuarts)

Just forget about the things I said about the Super Saiyan Son Gokou. This is the one true guy you don't wanna mess with. An angry evil blonde dude with an uncontrollable temper and appetite for destroying an entire planet. The first 4 letters of his name rhymes with "brawl" that hearing it leaves everyone assume that he loves to fight,... and he does love to fight! Broly fights with all those huge arms and oversized pecs which make him terrifying even for the Hulk. And this is what I would like a Broly action figure to appear like- looking as deadly and terrifying as with his animated counterpart.

S.H.Figuarts Broly

With a hairdo looking so sharp and pointy, it is advisable to handle this action figure with caution even though it's made of somewhat close to being a soft material. Broly has 3 interchangeable faces which are fastened by his hair bangs. You got a face painted with his stern look, one that has his aggressive look and another one that has his smirk probably telling you that he owns you.

Like any S.H.Figuarts, he got interchangeable hands in which there are also 3 of them (in pairs). He got 3 of these green translucent orbs embodying his signature attack. The orbs can sit securely on top of his palms without even worrying about it rolling off. However and sadly, Broly has no way of grasping these orbs around his fingers because he doesn't have the hands to do it for which I wished Bandai had provided.

But Bandai gave him with great amounts of articulation. I was a little worried at first that the articulation might get affected because of Broly's size. He roughly stands at about 8 inches tall- bigger and taller than your average-sized S.H.Figuarts DBZ figure yet the manufacturers managed to incorporate all the articulations that the average has. In addition, that crimson "cloth" around his thighs and loins are poseable. His big fat knees are double-jointed and moves without any unusual limits. The torso got rotation at the diaphragm as well as at the waist. Overall, the articulation is amazing and I'm glad they didn't deduce or change anything.

Sculpt and paint job are also done right. I like how his golden bracers and shin guards has that reflective finish making it metallic-looking along with those blue gems studded over some parts of his outfit. Broly got this necklace that gives us the illusion that it's dangling around his neck but as a matter of fact, separated by his neck and pectoral muscles. And speaking of muscles, he got lots of them evenly sculpted without any deformity. One thing I don't like are these oversized shoulders- too big that it kinda veer away from being animé-accurate. It's not this swollen as far as I could remember.

Even with his tiny bit of issue, this is a solid figure that earns recommendation. I believe this is the best Broly figure we got today that closely resemble the character. Moreover, this figure comes with a standard S.H.Figuarts clear stand that can be useful for anyone who likes to get their figures execute some dynamic pose. But for me, I'm glad Bandai has finally unleashed one of DBZ's fearsome foes into joints and plastics.


  1. This dude is jacked! Just crazy with the muscles here lol.

    1. it's a little excessive, i know. especially those shoulders.