Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Joker: Injustice (S.H.Figuarts)

S.H.Figuarts The Joker (Injustice)
This Joker figure really put the smile unto my face. He's a lot better than the Batman figure I played with last week despite the fact that his accessories are fewer and less sophisticated than those of the Dark Knight. Perhaps simple is better! The reasons why I'm happy about the Figuarts Joker are his decent sculpting and his "in-scaleness" to Marvel Legends figures. A lot of people may not be a fan of this look from the video game but this is the only Joker I've seen so far that payed homages to the two versions of Jokers we've seen in the movies. He obviously carries Heath Ledger Joker's style of messy makeup combined with that crazy Jack Nicholson Joker's long-barrelled pistol! It's something of a rare find.

The Injustice Joker, of course has his own originalities... like the laces criss-crossed around his sleeves and those pointy lapels sticking out from his jacket. His alternate head wearing a gas mask is probably not something unfamiliar with him since he is always been infamous for his use of chemical weapons.

The sculpt of the figure is in good depth and the paint job is almost looking like CGI. With that being said, the figure doesn't really have too much paint shading... but it's good! Just solid colours all over his suit with the exception of his face which has a few paint wash and intricate details that made it a little realistic. I can't say anything bad about the sculpt and the structure of his body. Looking long and lanky, it is the right body structure for a Joker.

For accessories, the Joker has a total of 17 of them which I'd like to categorize into three. There is the "weapon category" which is composed of his pistol (or revolver), knife and crowbar. The "body parts category" are his 3 interchangeable heads and 3 different pairs of hands plus one gun-holding hand and one card-holding hand. Now the last category is more like stuffs to make him look cool- I call it the "effects category" which is his Joker card and a couple of his toy dentures.

What really blew my mind is how they put all these fine details on Joker's tiny little joker card. Moreover, it has the hand designed for holding it. Both toy dentures, which are also an homage to Nicholson's Joker are articulated. The accessories are very much in-scale with the figure and that is why he looked a lot better than the Batman.

S.H.Figuarts is known for not sacrificing articulation for the sake of aesthetics and similar to the Figuarts Batman, he is very poseable. The only sad thing about him is that his head cannot move up to a 90 degree angle. Unlike his arch-nemesis, the Joker doesn't have the armpit pivots that would allow his shoulders to move towards his chest but luckily he got the long arms to wield his crowbar two-handed. He got this double-tail at the back of his jacket that doesn't have any articulation but would be fun if it does. He got the ankle rockers and hinges to his toes, and everything else is double-hinged and double-pegged.

To size-compare the S.H.Figuarts Joker with the S.H.Figuarts Batman, Joker seem to be a bit taller which makes the two of them together not very comic book-accurate since Batman is suppose to be the taller and bigger guy. It still pleases me though that Mr. J blends perfectly well with my ML figures. I am very much impressed with this figure and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Injustice or to someone who collects DC figures. S.H.Figuarts did such a good job in the rendition department taking all the likeness from the video game while maintaining their standard amount of articulation.

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