Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Iron Man - Mark 43: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Iron Man Mk 43
With a big movie comes a flood of toys and merchandise! In less than a month, we will see all our favourite Avengers back in action including my personal favourite, Iron Man to the big screen. To further entice our appetite for some awesome superheroic spectacle, we are finally introduced to a Marvel Legends "Avengers Wave" that is closely tied-in to the movie. Unlike the first Wave (Odin/King Thor Wave) which showed up earlier this year, this second Wave of action figures features a movie Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk in their new outfits. But with this review, I would like to talk more about the new Mark 43 action figure and its Robert Downey Jr. alternate head.

This new style of packaging is still the same as with our past Infinite Series since it started, and finally! ...they reconfigured the base of this box so that it could stand easily once you place it on a flat surface.

The Mark 43 comes with Thanos' left leg which I will later on build together with another of his BAF pieces. The only accessory this new Iron Man has is an alternate head which appeared to be an unmasked version; showing off RDJ's face and not surprisingly, Hasbro didn't really got the face-sculpting right. Although at least, they perfectly captured the shape of his nose.

Without any interchangeable hands and with only the right hand doing his "repulsor-blast thingy" and the other hand clenched, this Iron Man action figure just screams for more hands! Hands to demonstrate his flying pose and/or hands that will able him to have two clenched fists when he fights. Hasbro is still inconsistent in providing their figures with some essential accessories.

Mark 43 can perfectly execute Iron Man's signature flying pose because of this ball-pegged neck that allows his head to aim up along with his diaphragm joint that makes it more pronounced. The articulation is not entirely impressive nor it is entirely horrendous. It is missing a waist swivel and a couple of rotations at the mid-calves. Furthermore, his shoulderguards are not hinged- it is made of this softer pliable material that may probably get damaged after any repetitive movements.

Compared to the Marvel Legends Mark 42 (Iron Man), they both look identical in terms of sculpting but their paint jobs are not the same. With a 180-degree turn of its colours, the Mark 43 is basically a repaint of the Mark 42. Now this is the Iron Man I know; having more red colours than gold that can be traced back to his original suit.

Overall, I couldn't say I'm impressed nor feel bad about this action figure. If only Hasbro added a few extra accessories then that hideous RDJ head sculpt is forgivable. He stands taller than the Bleeding Edge Iron Man at 6.6 inches but has a leaner body structure. The recommendation is high to those collectors who wants to set up their complete team of Avengers: Age of Ultron action figures in the future.

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