Monday, 20 April 2015

Hulk: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Legends)

The new Avengers Hulk got stretchy pants that expands every time Banner "hulk-out" and with that, he will never worry again of waking up to his "normal" self with half of his butt crack exposed and jeans shredded. That's what this textured and kind-of meshy pants is all about when I saw this action figure. Standing at about 7.5 inches tall, it's easy to assume that this is a Build-A-Figure. It's also the fact that we have already seen this body mold on the Ultimate Green Goblin, which is a Build-A-Figure! But no! This huge figure just fits right into a standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series Packaging.

Marvel Legends Avengers: AoU Hulk

There is not a lot of words I could say about the paint job of this figure. It is not as detailed as compared to my favourite Hulk figure of all time- the Marvel Legends Face-off Hulk. It's painted with flat colours of green, black and a couple of red strips along his pants. Even his toes are dreadfully painted with green, which is a complete laziness on Hasbro.

One thing I do praise with this figure is the head sculpt, which is done perfectly to copy the contours and expressions of the Avengers Hulk. I like it and I guess this is the main highlight with this figure. Sadly, he doesn't have any interchangeable heads that vary between being mad to becoming "Hulk-smash" mad. It would have been really nice if they showed some love by giving it some accessories just like the Iron Man and the Captain America figure.

The articulation is pretty decent although I would like to see a hip swivel and a couple rotations at the mid-calves. He can't aim his head up; obviously hindered by the hunch on his back, but amazingly this figure can pull some great-looking dynamic pose like what you've seen on these photos.

Having Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk in this second Wave Avengers: Age of Ultron action figures is an awesome way to start your toy collecting for the movie. I can't wait 'til we see the new version of the movie Hawkeye, Black Widow and Thor to come out as figures for they will complete the line up. It is highly recommended to purchase the Marvel Legends Avengers: AoU Hulk if you're fan of the movie that is coming up on May 1st.


  1. This hulk is able to hold a lot of great poses..a nice figure to own :P

    1. I agree. this Hulk is a lot of fun to pose.

  2. I was considering if I should get this Hulk and the thing that stop me was the leg seems to remind me of TMNT.... I cannot put word into why I felt this way. I thought the body could be bigger and one of his hands should be more open with the fingers to do a grabbing looks. That is just my opinion and wish tho. Thanks for the review.

  3. I wasn't keen to add any more Hulk to my collection but this Hulk has a hit on head sculpt. Big and hefty but I just do not like the chest joint on him. Looks like Hulk is wearing a tank top over his body and the body tone is different from his arms and legs. He is still a great figure to get even with these flaws as who can missed a big hefty figure. Still nice.