Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thanos (Marvel Legends)

The Mad Titan I thought we will see in the second Avengers movie has arrived to Marvel Legends earlier than I thought. He still bares his traditional blue and gold colour scheme but had the features based-off from his Marvel Now outfit. In this new outfit, he looked incredibly awesome but if you're a fan of the Classic Thanos; then the Marvel Select version is the right one for you. Thanos is my number one favourite super-villain character, so both versions are great to have in my collection.

Marvel Legends Thanos

At the time when Toy Biz used to make all these Marvel Legends, a Thanos figure never actually came into fruition despite the popularity of the character. Thankfully, Hasbro finally made that happen but... there is a little bit of a challenge- he is a Build-A-Figure. One by one, you need to get all his body parts either from purchasing all the figures in this Wave or getting it with just itself on eBay to complete him.

This Build-A-Figure does not come with any accessories, which I would have admired if he comes with his significant trademark- the Infinity Gauntlet. He got this big shoulder guard that also covers his chest, which you can remove or put in place as it attaches loosely on to its peg holes. And every time you raise his arms, the shoulder guard gets displaced which makes posing (without looking funny) a little difficult.

I got no complain with the details over his sculpt. This new body mold might be the perfect structure for Thanos and I'm glad they did not use the "Hulk body mold" or other molds that preexisted. The only drawback to this Thanos is the paint job. The silver paint that runs along his legs are sloppily applied and doesn't seem to look like there are line works to it! If you look at his entire suit, the blue areas are glossier and shinier than the gold areas, which should have been the other way. If I have to look at it in another way, this figure is like paint-worked by an amateur customizer.

The figure executes a wider range of different poses than the Marvel Select Thanos, but considered not one of the super-poseable action figures created by Marvel Legends. His massive body made rooms for an ab crunch, waist rotation and T-jointed hips at the torso. He got a ball-hinged neck, hinged shoulders, rotation at the biceps and wrists, and only single-joints at the elbows. Rotation at the upper thighs, double-jointed knees and pivoting ankles are also integrated.

Since this is the first Thanos action figure we got on a 6-inch Marvel Legends scale, I definitely recommend if you want to fill that Thanos spot into your collection. He stands at about 7.5 inches tall, which makes him more in-scale and appropriate to use than the taller and bulkier Select Thanos. He may still look good on display despite all the gripes I had with his shoulder guard and paint application.

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  1. Well, it took me a while to track down your new site change. I still prefer the Select Thanos over the Hasbro BAF. Select edge up with a gauntlet to spare.