Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Thanos (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Thanos
At the post-credit scene of the Avengers movie, there were some people with zero comic book knowledge in the theater thought this purple gentleman was Sinestro; obviously basing him to another purple guy from another superhero movie. Also, some Marvel fans got a little carried away; immediately guessing he was Super Skrull but sooner realized he wasn't. And what's surprising of all was that my sensitive ear caught this soft whisper- "is that Hellboy?" Just too many wild guesses, some of them were absurd, yet I am glad seeing this as a sign that the general population are starting to appreciate and dig into this kind of genre.

I don't normally write profiles or backgrounds of a comic book character here in this blog for I just go right into the details of the action figure but I'd like to give you a little of that today. Thanos here is an alien race from planet Titan. He was born with a birth defect having a monstrous feature but stronger and more intelligent with serious psychological issues than his fellow Titanians. At some point, he was exiled from his community, and during those years he met Lady Death (a female Grim Reaper!). Love-strucked and somewhat being necrophilic, Thanos was driven to conquer the universe to impress Lady Death and gain her love in return. He got superhuman strength and reflexes (thanks to his mutation) with the ability to shoot cosmic beams from his hands. So there you go! No more saying that he became the Yellow Lantern, or saying that he fought the Golden Army with a big handgun!

Now lets get on to the action figure. Being a big guy, I think the amount of articulation he has is pretty decent. You don't neccessarily have to have an action figure to be as flexible as possible when "the pose" doesn't really apply to them. I like that they gave him waist swivel to get him to turn and aim his Infinity Gauntlet or throw a fist in a more dynamic pose. He got perfect articulation to his arms: bicep and arm swivel. However when it comes with his legs, I think he needs some ankle rotation and maybe some ankle pivots.
The paint job and the colours they used are a little bright. I would have liked it if they've used a darker blue and a brownish bronze-like paint instead of yellow (just check out the Marvel Universe Thanos figure). But the sculpt is amazing and I can't complain with the detail on his head and muscles, and the Infinity Gauntlet with all its gems. So great job on this one!

Apparently, his left hand is interchangeable. You can switch from this "punching hand" to the one with the Infinite Gauntlet.

Thanos comes with none other than Lady Death. She is simply just an accessory for Thanos, so she doesn't have articulation or whatsoever. However, she got this "removable face" that you can peel to expose her true identity. She got this really nice female body- no wonder why Thanos' hormones got so jacked up in the comics!

With his height and size that makes him more compatible with Marvel Legends figures, I think he needs some jacking up in this area to make him look big and intimidating around with the Select figures besides the fact that they made him intended for this toyline. As you can see on this photo, he is like a quarter inch taller than the Marvel Select Thor. And so... as a Select figure, I'm not pretty happy with his size.

If you're collecting Marvel Legends, I would recommend you to get this figure to be included in your display. I collect both Marvel Select and Marvel Legends so I got no regrets purchasing this figure. But if you're not, then I would definitely just wait for a "MS Avengers Movie Thanos" to come out probably in 2015 (which I am sure they'll make one), hopefully with a bigger and better size.


  1. Nice pics- I loved this one, perhaps my favorite Marvel Select, and maybe my favorite action figure

    1. Thanks man! I like the last pic right there when he is facing Thor; that's probably my favourite.