Sunday, 16 December 2012

Abomination (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Abomination
You know, the more I take a glance at this Abomination guy, the more I realize that he looks kind of like a merman on steroids. With his fish-like fins around his ears and his leathery skin, all you need is a thin rubbery material between his fingers and you will get a green sea-monster emerging from the deep. I wonder what customizers think about that. I'm not complaining of his looks, he has been like that ever since his earlier appearance in the comics. In fact this action figure from Marvel Select is more comic book accurate compared to other Abominations I've seen, although I'm glad that in the Incredible Hulk movie, they didn't give him the swimming trunks and those fins I just mentioned.

Once you take this guy out from the package, you'll be blown away by all these details around his body. You can feel that evenly rough texture on his skin; like the skin of an alligator. The paint job is phenomenal! All these shades of green around him are toned and balanced very well. Moreover, his finger and toe nails got some nice shading on it. And how I wished the Marvel Select Lizard (that came out this month on 4-pack) should have had the same type of paint application like the one being applied on this guy (check out the new MS Lizard).

One thing that's pretty disappointing with this figure is his lack of articulation, and that's really nothing new with Marvel Select. Good thing he's got the waist swivel cause without it, he'll be a step close to a statue. He has single-jointed elbows and knees, ball-jointed hips, and wrist swivels. Unlike the MS Juggernaut, he doesn't have any bicep swivel and ankle rotation so this Abomination really doesn't give you much of poseable ideas.

What I have been hoping for on this toyline is that they should start using hinges to the toes (like in those Legends figures). Like in this case, Abomination's toe nails are just making his feet longer that it looks odd when you have him kinda do a walk. With a couple of hinges, it would have prevented his toes from piercing the ground.

MS Abomination stands about 9.5 inches tall, which makes him in perfect scale with other Select figures. He is one of those solid and heavy guys out there for Marvel Select!

In conclusion, it appears that this Abomination is more of a "showster" than a living monster of destruction. Despite all that lack of poseability and playability, I'll be keeping this action figure just for the display but I would recommend you to get the Toy Biz Legends one.


  1. WOW!I see why people go nuts over these figures.So cool!