Friday, 7 December 2012

Juggernaut (Marvel Select)

Boy ooh boy! This Marvel Select Juggernaut almost caught my toes when it fell off the top shelf, leaving a little dent on the floor. This big guy is really solid and heavy, ...and can be "toe-shattering!" Just standing around 8 inches tall, he even outweighs the much larger Pitt (Build-A-Figure). He just looks awesome to me and even to those who don't collect Marvel Select.

Marvel Select Juggernaut

This is what I would like to see in a Juggernaut figure. The bulk of his muscles and the length of his arms in relation to the legs are well-balanced and proportioned. Now I know some collectors prefer the Toy Biz Marvel Legends version as "the Juggernaut figure" (cost around $80 or more on eBay) but that guy got arms bigger and longer than his feet! I think I like this one better.

Although the articulation is not as many as the Legends one, but he got enough joints for me to get him to charge and deliver a blow. Even without an ab crunch, I can still have him lean forward using some minor tricks. He's got diaphragm swivel, although a waist swivel and a couple of wrist rotations would have added greatness to this figure but it's not much of an issue for me since this guy can still throw a punch straightforward.

The sculpt and paint application is mind-blowing. He's got some realistic feature like his rippling muscles and his bronze-like helm, and even under his shoes got some great sculpting in it.

He has the "unmasked" variant, which I wouldn't recommend buying- I like him better with his helm on. I think it would have been great though if his helm is removable much like the Marvel Select Movie Iron Man's mask but... oh well, I guess Professor X has to try a different strategy or get the unmasked variant, which would cost you another $25 bucks just for the sake of having a Juggernaut vulnerable for mind-raping.

Juggernaut comes with this nonsense of an accessory, which I guess you need to put behind him as though he is leaving a trail of destruction. With Juggy standing twice taller than this thing here, I'm not quite sure how those guys at Diamond Select Toys are using their judgement. Maybe they ran out of ideas!

MS Colossus vs. MS Juggernaut (size comparison)

He can blend well with both Marvel Select and Marvel Legends action figures. As you can see he is bulkier and more massive compared to the MS Colossus. Having them face off each other just look awesome with Colossus, of course, as the underdog. There's nothing else I'd like to say about Juggy other than advising you to have him in your collection!

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  1. These figures are amazing C.S. but would leave a gaping hole in my wallet lol.Had they not been so expensive on ebay I would have a few by now.They really are extraordinary :)