Friday, 28 December 2012

Apocalypse (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF
When building the ML Apocalypse, never commit this mortal sin of buying all the action figures without checking the build-a-figure pieces that comes with it, because there are two versions of this guy- the original (blue) version and the black version that came months after the original one. What's more terrifying and apocalyptic is when you make a mistake of joining a blue piece with a black piece, and realize that it can't be undone (sorry bud, I guess you have to go all the way back to square one). A friend of mine almost pulled his hair off and offered me $6.00 for a blue-black upper & lower torso when he made this mistake. Out of curiousity, I considered the offer and tried dry brushing the ball-jointed hips with royal blue that can match Apocalypse's colour. Although you might notice it as you look closely, but it isn't really bad.

Marvel Legends Apocalypse (Series 12) is one of those big build-a-figures by Toy Biz; just standing an inch shorter than the ML Sentinel. Also, he's one of the exciting BAF's I have completed in my toy collecting experience. Like any other BAF's, you need to buy the action figure that has the correct part in it: X-23 (Upper Torso & Head), Bishop (Lower Torso), Sasquatch (Right Arm), Maestro (Left Arm), Iron Fist (Right Leg), Astonishing Wolverine (Left Leg).

The first thing you'll notice and that's unique with this figure are his two super bendable cables that go from his back to his elbows. The cables doesn't impede with any arm movements you make on this guy, which is great! The sculpt on this figure is not really that bad. Personally, I wished he would looked more like a body-builder (bulkier legs and arms) than a sprinter but I think he looks fine. He got a pretty decent paint app with some black shading over his blue uniform, which adds emphasis to his muscles. And of course, my paint-customized hips stand unlike anything else. One minor issue though is the sculpt on his fingers, and it's odd to look at these "gorilla hands" when you have those palms opened.

The articulation on this guy is simply outstanding and I never had such a big action figure with this high level of poseability! It's actually him and Giant Man (another big guy) that have articulations this great.

These articulations include:
- ball-jointed neck
- ab crunch
- bicep swivels
- single-jointed elbows
- hinged wrists + swivel
- finger articulations (to the knuckles)
- ball-jointed hips + swivel
- double-jointed knees
- calf swivel
- hinged ankles
- ankle rockers
- hinged toes

I wouldn't expect him to be taller than the Marvel Legends BAF Sentinel. Apocalypse has a humble height of 14 inches; just in scale with his fellow Marvel Legends figures and can blend pretty well with the Selects.

Like the Sentinel and Giant Man, this build-a-figure is a must have for every Marvel Legends collector. Eventhough I already got this BAF Apocalypse, I am still looking forward to completing the black version just for the thrill of it.

There will be more action figures that I'm gonna be dealing next year and hopefully everyone will have a 
peaceful and joyful 2013!

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  1. Really great images of these figures posted here ... cool
    I have never been too much for the comic book heroes ... I like Villains... ( mostly DC , rather than Marvel)... and the Joker is my all-time favorite...!!!
    Keep up these great posts...