Thursday, 20 December 2012

Terrax (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Terrax
The end of the world could mean anything to anyone. Commonly, we view it as the entire extinction of the human race either caused by an astroid impact, an incurable disease or a worldwide event of tsunamis and earthquakes. Usually, this nightmarish event comes with hard evidences that lets us know it's coming. Like a weather forecast, Terrax here is a bearer of bad news; signaling the arrival of Galactus to consume a planet. As one of the heralds of the world-devourer, Terrax is the most merciless. One can only imagine how discomforting if it's true and not just a work of fiction, and this is why I love reading comic books about cosmic beings, gods and space explorers; it sometimes make you ask some questions about our universe.

Now I got this Terrax action figure about 4 months ago, and there wasn't any question in my mind that he would look badass once I'll gather all the pieces and assemble him. Terrax is a build-a-figure for Wave 1 of the Return of Marvel Legends. Hasbro definitely made some improvement with their creation since they started this series. Although not as good as some of the Toy Biz build-a-figures, Terrax here is better than those that came out "Pre-Return of ML Series" by Hasbro.

He comes with this humongous battle axe or halberd, which I think is really cool! The only problem is Terrax cannot hold them properly; his right hand cannot hold it tight and it just wiggles and moves around his weak grip. I have to use a clear stand on this one just to make him look like he's about to cut you in half.

The head is well sculpted; I like how he has that expression on his face. Body, arms and legs has a pretty decent sculpt. But the paint job... I think needs a little shading and some "life" going in it. The colour on his tabard is a flat red and a flat blue with no variations at all, as well as his boots. Terrax skin is almost indistinguishable with his halberd! I wish they sprayed a little bit of silver on his weapon to have this metallic-look and not plain dull and gray.

I got no complain with the poseability of this figure. Marvel Legends has never been too stingy with articulation. Terrax got ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed hips, bicep swivels, single-jointed elbows, wrist joints, double-jointed knees, ankle pivots, leg swivels and the ab crunch.

While the Marvel Select Thanos is kinda small for a Select figure, Terrax suffered the same case of his own. In my opinion, he needs bulkier muscles, a wider torso, and a bit of height to blend well with other Legends figures but his size is not as bad as Arnim Zola, which I will be talking next.

MS Thanos and ML Terrax (height comparison)

I kind of played around his halberd just to see if I could attach it on his back. So I have to disconnect the handle from its blade and try to shove the handle to a strap around his back and... wallah!- Terrax rests his mighty halberd! Although I'm not going to say he's one of the awesome ML figures out there, but he is definitely fun to build and play. He's not the type of action figure that can ruin your day.


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