Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Iron Man (Revoltech)

Revoltech Iron Man (Mark III)
Yyup, that thing lights up! That's no photoshop or camera trickery. Good thing that the instructional manual that comes with this Mark III Iron Man got some pictures in it on how to play with it especially with that "light thingy" there, or else it would probably take me awhile to figure out how to switch that on and off looking at all these words written in Japanese. This is the first Asian-based action figure I have and I actually have to purchase him online. Got some great respect for Revoltech; they did an amazing job creating this Iron Man figure- this is probably the most playable and well designed Iron Man figure I have ever seen.

Now lets start with the sculpt and paint detail. Nothing special about the surface and texture on his armour- it's just the traditional red and gold Iron Man suit. Head and body sculpt is based from the Mark III armour in the first Iron Man movie. The Mark VI version, also from Revoltech, looks neat and cool but personally I like Iron Man better with a circular arc reactor than the triangular one (like that one on Mark VI), that's why I choose this guy over it. I like that they painted those eyes white to make it look as if it's glowing. However, there is one minor issue I'd like to point out, and that is his repulsor shooters right on his palms are way too small- almost pinpoint small, and I want it just a little bigger to make it more noticeable when you look at the entire figure.

What I'm truly impressed about is the poseability on this guy. I love how this Iron Man is so flexible and can do tons of poses yet have all the important details on his armour intact and not getting in the way. Having great amount of articulations is good and I have seen some action figures that have that, but then these would likely ruin the sculpt and detail on the figure. But this Iron Man here got both; it is a pretty well designed action figure.

Almost everything on this guy is ball-jointed. The knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists and neck are ball-jointed, and so no wonder why this guy got some great "pose possibilities." He's got joints underneath his collar bone connecting to his neck so you can hyper-extend his head when you have him do the flying pose. Although this figure doesn't have the ab crunch and the waist swivel, you can't complain any further when you got a diaphragm swivel that lets you bend his torso forward and back.

The secret to that light thingy on his chest is a little tiny battery (one you use on your watch) and a little switch under his diaphragm swivel. You need to detach the chest from his abdomen for you to see and flip the switch, and gaze upon the awesomeness of this figure. One real issue I have with it is that the light flickers every time you move his torso. I guess the switch needs to be stabilized for it not to do so.

The Revoltech Iron Man comes with interchangeable hands that you can switch from either punching, shooting or flying. And most importantly, he comes with this Robert Downey Jr. head, which kinda look a bit like a Japanese anime version of him. I guess that's how they do all their toy stuff in Japan, which I don't mind... it's just that I'd rather want a more accurate face of Mr. Downey Jr. so he doesn't look odd together with my Marvel Legends. Also, he comes with this storage bin where you can put all his stuff and that name thing there for which I don't know what it's called.

I gotta say this Iron Man action figure is probably better than the Hasbro one for alot of obvious reasons. The articulation, the sculpt, and the stuff that comes with this guy just gives it the upper hand. Unfortunately, Revoltech is making only quite a few Marvel action figures but hopefully they will come up with some new ones,... and I am planning of getting their Spider-Man!


  1. indeed a nice figure for collection.

  2. That light up feature is pretty awesome!I almost picked up the extremis Legends figure the other day on clearance but passed on it.

  3. I bought Mark VI before Mark III; honestly, while Mark III did provide the nice perk of the light up Arc and the variant RDJ head piece, I felt that it fell short in some articulation. He stands a bit awkward at times, but still a good addition to a collection.

    1. Yes, I remember having a hard time getting him stand without having that weird forward thrust with his ass.

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