Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hawkeye: The Avengers (Hasbro)

Hawkeye: Avengers Movie by Hasbro
This Jeremy Renner, ...I mean rather, Hawkeye by Hasbro or Marvel Legends (for that matter) almost... and I mean almost hit all the marks on those aspects you want to have in an action figure. Sculpt and paint detail- check! Articulation- check! But playability?... now this here got some major and totally unacceptable issue- no arrows!

I thought maybe I overlooked it when I unboxed this figure or someone was messing around with my stuff, but evidence just leads to no arrows for this Hawkeye figure. I heard a suggestion that you can use the Green Arrow's arrows for this guy but I don't frickin collect DC action figures, man! So maybe I'll just innovate and see what scraps I could find in my room.

Anyways, lets move on with his amazing head sculpt. Hasbro just captured all of Jeremy Renner's head and facial features in the Avengers movie. It's like they casted and blow dried Renner's entire head, and shrunked the porcelainized piece ready to be created into clones of little Jeremy Renners. I like that they gave him the sunglasses. I think he looks cooler having it than without it. This action figure stands about 6.2 inches tall; really in good scale with other Marvel Legends figures. He's got that really pure violet colour on those fingers and across his torso. I think maybe they could tone down that colour a little bit so it doesn't look cartoonish, but it doesn't bother me.

"At night, my black arrows fly into the air unseen."

Hawkeye features some great amount of articulation, and that means great poseability! His articulation includes the diaphragm swivel, double-jointed elbows and knees. My favourite ankle rockers are in here! He's got hinges to the wrists and ankles that can move forward and back. Head can move side to side and forward to back. Although, I still want that waist swivel but I can't complain since I can pose him the way I want him.

His quiver is removable and it's actually hallow inside, but there's no entry at the top where you can shove some arrows. I guess that explains why they didn't give him the arrows. But overall, I like this figure and I wish the Marvel Legends Classic Hawkeye that's coming out next year will be better than this one.


  1. Love your pics bro!As for this rendition of Hawkeye,I'm not too crazy about it.To me Hawkeye should have a mask on of some sorts.Maybe he'll have one on in feature films.

    1. Thank you! I do really enjoy the art of photography.