Thursday, 27 November 2014

Radioactive Man (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Radioactive Man
It seemed like Radioactive Man is the only character here in this 3-Pack that's lost and has no relation or any kind of role that ties him with our Avengers' Captain America and Ms. Marvel. But the theme circling around this boxset is not about The Avengers but rather the Civil War storyline where this green dude apparently, was part of; a part where he and his team of Thunderbolts played minor roles. Whether my speculation is true or not, I would have suggested a different character than Radioactive Man but perhaps Hasbro is slowly introducing the Thunderbolts so maybe that's why he is here.

Yes, I know he looked different from most of the action figures I've reviewed here but this is not the first time we had a translucent candy-like plastic used on a Marvel Legends figure. ML Electro also got the same type of plastic but mainly composed on his head. As you can see in these photos, Radioactive Man got them around him except his suit.

On his suit though, he got this glow-in-the-dark asterisk painted right in the middle of his chest. Got lots of fancy stuff around him!

It seems like the only parts that are painted is torso, skirt, boots and the areas that surround his eyes. The "green" which gave the colour of his skin is from the plastic itself. Basically, they just shaped his suit by painting this guy green with a matted finish and... viola!

Sculpt-wise, there is no major changes but the face. I believe this Radioactive Man figure follows the same facial format with Luke Cage but actually the two look different if you compare them closely. What also made him unique from the guys with this type of body mold is his skirt.

"Mr. Blue, meet Mr. Green"

The articulation, as you might have guessed, is the same with the Marvel Legends Luke Cage. Standard ball-pegged at the head. Standard Marvel Legends-style ab crunch and waist swivel. The arms are all the same as well as the legs. The articulation in those hips and legs, however, are limited due to his skirt even if it's made out of soft plastic.

If you're more or less determined to complete a Thunderbolts team while hoping that Hasbro will release the rest of the members anytime soon, then you need to grab a character like Radioactive Man. He may not be the type of Marvel character you like to care about, but he's probably the type you need to have for completion purposes. Overall, the Marvel Legends Radioactive Man is another decent figure that is well-fitted in this body mold.


  1. This is a nice set that i ran across once at our local Target store but have not seen it sense...Radioactive Man looks awesome here and it's great seeing this old Avengers villain in action figure form.

  2. He reminds me of a DC character but I just cannot come out of it. He needs a torch to shine !