Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Captain America (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Captain America
Oh, it's him again! Another Captain America action figure. With this Target Exclusive release, we now have a total of four Captain Americas from Marvel Legends this year alone and I'm kind of starting to think maybe Hasbro got some major obsession-issues with this character. Don't get me wrong though, Cap is one of my favourite Marvel superheroes but getting a shield-wielding superhero year after year could drive a Legends collector like me mad. The only thing that made me smile upon laying my eyes on it is the fact that most of the aweful features that the Ultimate Captain America have from Wave 3 (Hit-Monkey Wave) has been brought to justice and refurbished in this newer, more updated and accurate look. Now this is the Captain America I would salute!

Of the three figures inside this boxset, Captain America is the only one with an interchangeable part- a head, which looked a lot similar to Commander Steve Rogers of the Terrax Build-A-Figure Wave. Also, we got the removable belt and, of course the shield like the ones from Ultimate Cap. The only difference is that this updated version wears straps instead of the vest, which I liked better.

The figure could easily be mistaken as a customized action figure because of how easy it is to see those differences. An example of which is his right thigh, which doesn't have that stupid gun glued on it anymore and I gotta thank Hasbro for eliminating that. You'll also notice that Cap's utility belt along with the stuffs that hang around it got these handsome dry brushings that further enhanced the sculpting. Probably the only paint work that isn't necessary are those eyebrows- it may not look obvious from a distance and not really much of a big issue but I think it's better if they just "covered" it.

In addition, Cap's "blue" is perkier than the Ultimate one but not as vibrant as the Marvel Now Captain America. The colour scheme and pattern are all alike except that this one has the "star" painted on his shoulders and I do appreciate how Hasbro made the outfit looked true to the comics. However, I'm  not pleased how these big bad hinges on his shoulders are ruining its shape every time you move them. I know there must be a better way doing this, and I know Hasbro have action figures that doesn't have these ugly joints, ...so why not take from those.

The reason why I hate this body mold is because of that caved in stomach that looked as though someone punched him in that section. Otherwise, I got no problem with the rest of the sculpt. The muscle definition and bulkiness are at the right size for this super soldier, and it's translated well of what Cap might look like in joints and plastic.

Same with our Ultimate Captain America, the articulation is not what I'd like to call superb. No hinges at the wrists and he got that ball-hinge at the hips which I despise. Cap's head can aim at almost all directions. To his arms, he got ball-hinged shoulders, swivels at the biceps and mid-arms, and double-joints at the elbows. He got an ab crunch plus a rotation at the waistline. To his legs, he has rotation at the upper thighs and mid-calves, double-joints at the knees and pivots at the ankles.

Without a doubt, the new ML Captain America (Ultimate) beats the old one from Wave 3 and gets you to think of throwing that of which has the gun glued at the side of the leg. This is "the" 6-inch Captain America figure that I would recommend which has a more striking comic book feature. I would also like to recommend this to people who are huge at collecting Captain America stuffs. To those people, I say to you that we don't know how often Hasbro will be giving us different styles and different iterations of Captain America but one sure thing is that they love you guys.


  1. With so many Captain America, you don't need the Avengers team. lol. I like this blue color scheme of Cap better.

  2. I love Captain America and keep thinking I should buy that set to get this figure.