Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ms. Marvel (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel
After Marvel Legends-Hasbro had successfully created a Black Cat figure with such beauty and good design, I never doubted that they could give us another good-looking siren in the form of a Ms. Marvel anytime soon. And that "soon" was a month ago when I purchased the Target Exclusive Marvel Legends 3-Pack Collectors Edition with the "oh-my-goodness" there's a Ms. Marvel in it! You have no idea how happy I am to see a classic Ms. Marvel/Warbird that looked a lot better than the Toy Biz one. Unlike the ML Magneto (which was a disappointment), Ms. Marvel is one of those "remakes" by Hasbro that passes to almost all the standards.

I say "almost" because she is not entirely perfect. The only drawback to this figure is the paint job. At a meter distance, you can already see how sloppy the paints are applied. The areas near her thigh cuts got a noticeable amount of glops around it along with some paint rubs lining up around the edges. This action figure totally got no respect for Ms. Marvel's flawless legs! Also, there is quite a bit of that problem around her shoulders and scuff marks between her boobies. Good thing they didn't screw up with the application of paint over her face or else this would be another failed attempt to out-challenge ToyBiz.

If you look at her technically, Ms. Marvel is just repaint of the Marvel Legends Moonstone. The body mold and even the face sculpt is very much the same. The musculature and breast size are bigger compared to those older female body molds we had like the ones for Mystique and Emma Frost. The only thing being added here is that red sash made of soft plastic.

The sash could have been a lot better if it's articulated and has some sort of ball-peg that allows it swivel at the knots. It's probably not that hard to install.

For a figure which has a body mold identical to Moonstone, the articulation is also identical. As with most of our female Legends figures, Ms. Marvel's head movement is limited by the length of her hair. She got the ball-hinges to her shoulders, rotation at the biceps and wrists, double-joints at the elbows, and hinges at the wrists. She got that ball-pegged diaphragm that can rock her body sideways as well as rotates. Her legs has the T-joints at the hips, rotation at the upper thighs, double-joints at the knees, hinges to the ankles plus the pivots. Sadly, no rotation at the mid-calves.

Such an essential member of the Avengers should not be left missing in those collection. Despite all the imperfections, this Marvel Legends figure is a must-have for we may not find another one that is close to rendering the comic version of Ms. Marvel. She is in perfect scale with the rest of the 6-inch scale and the best one out there.


  1. Ms.Marvel is always looking good!

    1. I'm a huge fan of this outfit. Not so much with her Captain Marvel version.