Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Marvel Legends)

Now here's a Spider-Man figure that can work both as a comic book-based Spider-Man and a movie-based Spider-Man. The "spider-logo" is your only clue to know that this is based from the 2nd instalment of the movie but everything else is all classic. Nothing beats the classic! I'm sure a number of Spidey-fans would agree with me on that. I guess that's one of the highlights this Spider-Man has besides his amazing sculpt and paint work and a huge amount of articulation.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Again, the packaging is collector-friendly like the ones on Infinite Series Captain America line. What I would suggest for Hasbro though is to make the packaging square and simple to help itself stand at the base. Make the front window part simply flat and not shaped like a magnifying lens. Not that I have no love for art and style but with packaging; it only requires practicality.

The overall paint work on this figure is simply amazing! You might see a bit of smudges, paint wears and bleeds between the red and blue but it's forgivable because of the tone of colours they used on this figure. The colours looked more like a darker blue and a lighter type of crimson to be exact, and the tones are just even from every area. I'd say this Spider-Man is more comic book accurate than being a movie-based action figure.

Hasbro executed all of Spidey's feature perfectly. All thumbs up in approval to his lanky body, the lines sculpted along his suit and a more visible spider-logo at the center of his chest. Now when I say "more visible", I mean to say that it is painted, sculpted and shaped a lot better than the other spider-logos I've seen. Furthermore, I am very pleased that they added some textures over these blue areas which made Spidey a little more sophisticated.

For accessories, the ML Amazing Spider-Man only comes with a pair of "web-shooting" hands. Though this may scream for more extras and accessories, I am still satisfied that at least Hasbro gave us one of Spidey's signature hand-moves. And of course, he comes with Ultimate Green Goblin's arm which I am hoping to complete and review very soon.

Note: web is not part of the figure.

The poseability on this figure just blew me away. Even my Play Arts Kai figures could not match the amount of pose this figure can execute. Be it slinging while shooting a web or crouching while shooting a web, it's not impossible to get him to pose those.

Spider-Man got shoulder pivots... or shoulder blade hinges as I call them that allows a more extensive range of motion and you don't often see this on a Marvel Legends figure. His head can rotate 360, and aims far up and down. His arms got ball-hinged shoulders, double-jointed elbows and hinged wrists that flex and rotate. His torso got ab crunch, waist swivel and my favourite T-jointed hips. Moving now to his legs, Spidey got rotation at the upper-thigh, double-jointed knees, swivel at the mid-calf and hinged ankles that flex and pivots.

This Marvel Legends figure stands at 6.1 inches tall and the scale might be a little on the short side but that doesn't really bother me. I think if you're looking for just a standard 6-inch Spider-Man figure that would go with the rest of your collection, I suggest to pick up this one over any previous Spider-Man figures that have been released. Highly recommendable!


  1. This is one spidey that I reckon as articulate as the Toybiz Spidey we had. Nice

    1. Most ToyBiz Spider-Men have toe and finger-articulation which make them more poseable than this Spider-Man I have here. I think the only problem with Toy Biz is that they incorporate too much articulation that it sometimes ruin the form of their figures.

  2. I might be one of the few that would say this but the classic Spidey fit hasn't always been my favorite. Always been a black Spidey fan(and a fan of the more recent variation outfits from other "Spider-Men" like Superior, Scarlet 2012, and even the Iron Spider has been my favorite). I liked the outfit on the first one because it steered away from the original and it didn't copy Tobey's spider outfit. The new outfit is for the second Amazing Spider-Man is indeed classic and it looks great, but I've seen it too many times before. But putting my opinion on the costume, I must say that this figure is one of my favorite Spider-Man figure! Everything about this figure is a sign that the Marvel Legends is heading into a good route!

    Variant hands, articulation in abundance, great paint, and new mold, wow this figure might even be on par with some of the toy biz ones(or might be better than most of them)! Now if they add in a stand, a few more hands, and some webbing affect then Hasbro is catering to the collectors even more(probably cost more with those additions I mentioned).

    But! Great review and pics as always!!!!

    1. Hopefully, this will now be the standard body mold and articulation for all Spider-Men Legends in the future. The Black Spider-Man will always be my all time favorite Spidey-variant, next to it is probably the Miles Morales Spider-Man. There's just lots of versions out there that people should love.

  3. I like what am seeing here just wish that Spider on the costume was the classic design.

    1. I wish they'll create a classic Spider-Man with this kind of treatment. It will be something that ML collectors would drool for.