Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hydra Agent (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Hydra Agent
If Hasbro is going for a 6-inch Marvel Legends-style Iron Fist, I'd suggest they would start with the Hydra Agent. The colours and the sculpting are there! Customizers would be eager to re-sculpt the head and remove his straps and belt just to have some fun making him into the Iron Fist. But I'm not gonna talk about customizing and all that stuff because right now I'd like to discuss and review the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hydra Agent which also comes with one of Mandroid's Build-A-Figure pieces. This figure is a lot better than the Hydra Agent we had a long time ago from the Brood Queen BAF Wave. But while this may be an improvement, it's still not immune to scrutiny.

A more common issue with Marvel Legends paint application is that certain colours are not consistently toned with one to the other. If you compare the Hydra Agent's gloves and boots to his removable belt and straps, you can see a more brighter tone of yellow on the belt-strap than on the gloves-boots. This has also been the problem with the ML Cyclops. Also, there are no colour shading or whatsoever going on. It is purely just bright and solid colours closely depicting the one from the comics.

Although this type of body mold has been constantly and abusively reused, I'm still not bored just looking at how great it is sculpted. From the its size and proportions to the masculature of the figure, this one goes perfectly with a Hydra Agent. He got these red bulging eyes looking like it is about to burst open.  His trigger finger can hold both his accessory well pretty much the same with that of the ML Bucky Cap.

Speaking of accessories, Hydra Agent probably has the best set of weapons in this series. Like what they did on Red Skull, our Hydra Agent also have weapons that match his feature. We got an assault rifle and a sniper gun painted mostly with a lighter and a darker type of green that may seem odd (in the real world sense) but never horrendous at all. The assault rifle however, has this big yellow "Hydra symbol" painted over the top of this part here which suppose to... I don't know, it's a weird looking rifle! The sniper gun reminds me of a Chitauri weapon that I saw in the Avengers movie, which I got no complains with. Both of his weapons look fancy and nice, but I like the sculpt and feature of the sniper gun better than the other one.

If you've been collecting The Return of Marvel Legends (Hasbro) for more than a year now then you should already be familiar with the articulation of this body mold. Hasbro may have used a different type of mold to promote novelty or variety but then this is the only one for this character that would best fit the way he should look. And so the Hydra Agent has a ball-jointed neck, ball-hinged shoulders, swivel to the bicep, double-jointed elbow and hinged-wrists which I think most of you already know how it works. He got an ab crunch, waist swivel, T-jointed hips, upper-thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, mid-calf swivel, hinged-ankles with the ankle rockers.

Surely, there are a lot of collectors out there getting as much as Hydra Agents as they could in the hopes of building an army of these guys, and I really do hope Hasbro will continually release and put them out there for retailers. I tell you, "army building" is a more pain in the ass than completing a Build-A-Figure, not to mention the price that you're going to pay once they fall into the hands of scalpers. Hydra Agent's height is all but the same as your ML Hawkeye and ML Cyclops. This highly in-demand figure is highly recommendable.


  1. These and the AIM guys make awesome army builders.

    1. These are Hydra Agents- Red Skull's militia unit. Next month, I'll review the Marvel Legends AiM Soldiers.