Friday, 31 October 2014

Zombie Magneto (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Zombie Magneto
Witness Magneto in his finest role in comic book history. A role that took him guts! -a zombie! Well... swallowing a pumpkin bomb and blowing it up inside his own gut may also look like one gutsy move but nothing like being a flesh-eating zombie could have prepared Magneto and his beloved fans from this. An alternate universe that got comic book readers shocked, the Marvel Zombies series is a story about all our favourite superheroes turning into undead locos. Being in a world filled with super-powered zombies is one scary shit, and being human-kabobed with a steel pipe by this "monster of magnetism" is a lot scarier.

And our poor Green Goblin gets a taste of what it's like to be chewed like a candy on Halloween. He seemed to be hanging onto his toy for that one last bite but our ghoulish friend here learned that spicy pumpkin bomb- no good for stomach. Zombie Magneto comes with this base stand strewn with a lot of dark paint shading and wash that looked so much like downtown on a rainy day. Unlike most Marvel Select base stands, this one doesn't have pegs to support with "standing", but I guess it's alright as long as his feet are steady. What's interesting though is that his soles got peg holes and it's useless when you got no pegs to attach it to.

Upon removing his infamous helmet, Zombie Magneto's face/head strongly reminds me of Evil Ash at the final fight scene (where his face turned into a complete skeleton). There is not a speck of feature that would tell you that it's him... or a reminiscent of him! Only by putting that helmet on would you be able to get a positive ID.

But Diamond Select did a great job with his head sculpt; with the one eyeball missing and the jaw hanging. And like that decomposed face of his, there's also a complete absence of skin and muscles found to his left knee. I like how the joint on that knee blended and become part of the bone. And everything just looked bad and beat up; being ugly never looked this good! The way those wounds, bite marks, and that blown up belly and torn cape are sculpted made him remarkably badass!

The choice of colours are perfect. The application of dirty white mixing with brown shading to his skull and knee... and those vertebrae inside his gut mimics the true feature of a bone. As far as those wounds and skin tears goes, it looked as if they are the same colour as his suit but they are actually a more darker type of red with an added shading to it. And of course, we have the classic red and purple colour scheme of the great Magneto.

The articulation on this figure is as zombified as the way he looked. There is no rotation at the waist nor at biceps nor at the thighs! This may disappoint people who are particular with articulation and poseability, but, I mean, what kind of dynamic pose would you want from a zombie? ...the splits? Surprisingly, we got ankle rockers from Zombie Magneto that we normally don't get from Select figures. The head can only rotate and lean forward and to the sides. He got ball-hinged shoulders, single-joints at the elbows and rotation at the wrists. He got a Y-jointed hip, double-jointed knees, and ankles that can move up and down.

The Marvel Select Zombie Magneto is typically your "staction figure" (statue+action figure) that prides itself on details with less articulation. It is an action figure that could satisfy the eyes of both fans of superheroes and zombies, and especially those who have read and loved the Marvel Zombies books. For collectors, this is an awesome figure that is highly recommended.

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