Monday, 20 October 2014

Medusa (Marvel Legends: SDCC Exclusive)

Marvel Legends Medusa (SDCC Exclusive)
The SDCC Exclusive Medusa action figure may literally bring a bad hair day to any Marvel Legends collector who dare to tangle with her. With hair weighing almost equal to her body, Medusa is tough to pose and hard to get her to stand on both feet, let alone those high heels that she is on. Having said that, doesn't mean that this is a bad action figure. She's a lot better than the Black Bolt figure and the rendition is accurate! I mean, what can we make of a Medusa action figure without her long and thick hair? It's a signature feature you can't avoid of not having.

The only real issue I noticed is her height! Standing next to Black Bolt, Medusa is 3 or 4 mm taller to her husband (or boyfriend) but this is not the first time we've seen such issue with Marvel Legends figures. ML Emma Frost stands also taller than Cyclops! I mean... really! What's up with these tall girlfriends Hasbro?

But I think it's a lot to do with her heels that gave her the odd scale. Another thing I've also noticed is that her body is sort of a "mixture" of the different Marvel Legends female body mold we've seen in the past. To be more specific, Medusa has Black Cat's wide hips, Jean Grey's chest and Emma's feet combined into this one single body which is mixing quite perfectly well. However, it's the sculpt on Medusa's long elegant-looking hair that makes her fabulously appealing.

Even though I am not quite familiar with all Inhuman characters, I believe (strongly) that the colour scheme on Medusa's suit is accurately rendered. The burgundy painted over her hair is pretty eye-catching; following how her hair looked in the comics, and I just wanna mention how her face looked stunningly attractive- that is how you create a beautiful head/face sculpt!

The poseability is entirely the same as with some of more recent and more improved female body molds we've seen. Yet despite that decent amount of articulation she got, it is deemed useless for she is a pain to pose. Her hair is limiting her head movements as well as her torso. There are no rotations at the biceps but rather has elbow rotation. Her wrists are hinged plus it rotates. Medusa got rotation at the upper thighs, double-jointed knees, hinged ankles with ankle rockers.

Regardless of her poseability issue, the SDCC Exclusive Medusa is the only Marvel Legends figure where I can give some special considerations. It is rendition over articulation- it is what it is and how it should be. With Hasbro already starting to introduce Marvel's Inhumans members, an essential character like Medusa is a must-get to assemble the team in the future. Quite sadly, you can't find her on any retailers and this what makes collecting much of a challenge.


  1. Another nice addition of female figures from Marve Legends. Her striking feature of her overly long hair is both her strength and weakness.

    1. that's correct. she definitely can't be herself without her long thick hair.

  2. Nice-looking figure! I'm surprised they didn't make the hair slightly longer so that it could be used as a stand/support.

    1. if I spread her legs a little further, her hair could touch the ground making it just like you've said. But getting her to stand normal and upright is just a pain in the butt.