Sunday, 23 March 2014

Superior Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Superior Spider-Man
Despite having probably the coolest looking alternate Spidey suit, the story of the Superior Spider-Man is one of those bizarre tales that makes readers and fans restless and puzzled. As most of you probably know, this is Otto Octavius a.k.a. Doctor Octopus inside Spider-Man's body. An interesting turn of event that made this goggle-wearing straight-banged squarehead become the web-slinging hero by hijacking the consciousness of Peter Parker (poor Peter). I'd like to compare this to something like a demonic possession but driven by Otto's ambition to outperform Peter and become the best Spider-Man that the world will ever see.

And then you have an action figure of Superior Spider-Man that is part of the Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man Series or the Ultimate Green Goblin Wave as others have called it because of the Build-A-Figure pieces that comes with the figures.

The body mold on this figure in my opinion is the most ideal body mold for a Spider-Man, and it's almost the same body mold as with the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man which I've already reviewed a month ago. The amount of musculature in his runner-type of body is sculpted perfectly. The size of his legs and arms are relatively proportionate to his torso. And like the Amazing Spider-Man, the eyes are sculpted with some minor protrusion and carvings that are shaping it. One thing that's interesting though is the sculpt on his hands- it's like he's doing the "thumbs up" with these pimple-like bumps on his fingertips. Otherwise, I see no screw-ups on this figure.

The colour scheme is composed primarily of red and black that strongly reminds me of Miles Morales Spider-Man. The only difference are the eyes in which he got a maroon coloured lenses instead of white. He got a huge Spider-logo over his chest; accurately rendering Superior Spider-Man from the comics.

For accessories, he comes with a pair of hands doing Spidey's web-shooting signature move, which I think Hasbro should consistently do with all their figures in the future- giving them interchangeable parts. The only gripes I have with this figure is the other hand (the thumbs-up hand), which could have been better if they make it real easy and simple... something like a clenched fist hands maybe?

The articulation is basically the same as with our Amazing Spider-Man. There's not a lot of differences. Superior Spider-Man got the scapular joints that let his arms hyperextend towards the middle of his chest and his back. He's got ball-jointed neck that allows him to aim straight up and down, and rotate at any direction. The torso got abdominal flexion, waist rotation and T-joints at the hips. Arms got hinged-shoulders, bicep rotation, double-jointed elbows and wrist rotation and flexion. Ankle pivots are also incorporated along with the swivel at the upper-thighs and double-jointed knees.

If you're big at collecting Spider-Man figures, I suggest that you'll grab the Superior Spider-Man at any Wal-Mart or Toys R Us and these stores never run out of this particular figure unlike the ML Carnage or ML Black Cat based from what I've experienced. Standing at about 6 inches tall, he is as tall as the Amazing Spider-Man. This figure is definitely one of Marvel Legends' finest.


  1. As I mentioned, this is my favorite Spider-Man outfit. Not enamored with the storyline myself of the Superior(otto) Spider-Man, but the variant outfit that Dr. Octopus made is fantastic! Figure wise, it's my favorite Spider-Man figure from Hasbro! As toy collectors, we can sit here and scrutinize some of the missing elements that would've made this a perfect figure! You spoke about the alternate hands, and yes fists would've done a lot better. Also, he has web shooters that are over his costume like Ben Reilly/May Parker did in their alternate Spider-Man outfit. Lastly, like the Iron Spider, Otto had his 'at home-signtaure' legs that mirror that of a spider's legs in this outfit. If Hasbro was shooting for more than the stars, they would've done all of that.

    But hey, sounds like I'm asking for too much, aren't I?

    Nice Review, as always. Though I am interested to read what you have to say about the BAF Ult. Green Goblin itself!

    1. Haha. I think a lot of these ML figures (Hasbro) need some revamping- paint and accessory-wise. Some of them are forgivable while others are pretty lame, though I can see that they are evolving progressively.

      Whether Hasbro is listening to their fans or not, it's important to keep those toy reviews and Twitter/Facebook comments from flowing. Negative reviews = decreased sales rate for Hasbro.

      ...and yes, the Ultimate Green Goblin will be next.