Saturday, 22 March 2014

Captain America: Captain America- The Winter Soldier (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Movie Captain America
With great amount of details and articulation, this action figure is easy to market just by having someone look at it. The fun part is... speaking its actual name/brand- "hi, let me introduce you to my Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series Mandroid Build-A-Figure Wave Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Captain America!" It seems easy when you're just reading it but this meter-stick-long name is quite a mouthful. Released after the Marvel Now Captain America and his batch, the 2nd batch of this Wave, in which this version of Captain America is from, is the only batch with figures that are bound directly to the movie. Anytime soon, I'll be getting the Scarlett Johansson Black Widow and the movie Winter Soldier figure, which would ultimately have me complete my Mandroid BAF figure.

As far as the figure goes, I got nothing to say to it but praises! The only Hasbro Marvel Legends figure so far (in my opinion) that is painted and sculpted intricately while maintaining the decent amount of poseability it's known for. This movie Captain America features a little "shield-wielding" gimmick along with an ample amount of interchangeables- something that Hasbro could have done a long time ago. I will discuss about it further as I start with the paint/sculpt down to the articulation.

There is so much attention to the details. One thing I like about it mainly is the texturing. You can also see some smooth and glossy areas but it's his mesh-type of textured plastic that makes him visually dynamic. The silver star and stripes sculpted across his chest stands out because of the minor protrusion. And the neat sculpt on the belt as well as these geometric features over his suit makes him more stunning.

Hasbro Marvel Legends could sometimes deliver bad paint application but this figure is done well. It is not as detailed as with your Marvel Select figures but Cap is painted without any scratches and wears at least. He got these red streaks that run along at the side of his thighs and has the brown gloves and boots that he wears in the movie. You can also find some prints over his shoulders that says "Rogers" with the American flag. His blue suit suppose to look darker and more toned down if it wasn't for the lighting but again we see a simplistic type of paint work on this ML figure.

The new feature with the shield definitely made him 10% more impressive. Unlike the Marvel Now Cap or the Ultimate Captain America in which the shield just clips on to the wrist, this shield can actually be worn and strapped around his arm. How it works is that you pull one of his hands off, take the arm way under the straps and plug back the hand to secure the shield in place. It is really simple. Aside from his fisting hands, he comes with two different types of hands- one is the judo chopping or the saluting hand and the other one is the pointing hand or the nose mining hand as others jokingly calls it. And he also comes with an unmasked Steve Rogers head that looked nowhere near to the actor but still a well sculpted nice-looking head/face.

While sporting a much newer body mold, the articulation on this figure is comparable to that of the ML Marvel Black Panther or the ML Modern Hawkeye. He got a ball-joint at the neck that lets his head move up and down and rotate. He got ball-hinged shoulders, swivel to the bicep, double-jointed shoulders, and hinged wrists that rotate and flex. He got a nice ab crunch with a beautiful range of movement as well as rotation at the waist and a T-jointed hip. To his legs, he got rotation at the upper-thighs, double-jointed knees, rotation at the boot cut, ankle hinges and ankle pivot.

Size-compared to the ML Marvel Now Captain America, they stand almost the same. However, movie Cap's newly styled shield looks a lot bigger than his predecessor. Inspired by Col. Steve Rogers Captain America based off from the comics which also came out as an action figure in the Terrax Build-A-Figure, this new Cap can be used as a replacement for that comic-version that I just mentioned. Although people might prefer red, white and blue Captain America, but this figure is just as good as the standard.


  1. Bro, I like your forth picture..Lots of fun!!

    1. Thank you! I also like the fourth one.

  2. Replies
    1. i know. Hasbro upscaled it a bit probably because they want to accommodate the straps behind the shield.

  3. I've said this before Combo and I'll say it again-You take some truly awesome pics man!Do you print them out and frame?If not,you should ;)

    1. Thanks! Right now, I am planning of creating a "customized 2015 calendar" using these photos I've been posting here. Next would probably be a 24x38 poster with a frame.