Friday, 31 January 2014

Winter Soldier (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Winter Soldier
When you enter a Disney Store, you just won't know what kind of surprises this store could possibly bring to you and your family. Sometimes these surprises turn into tears of joy and excitement... but probably not in my case. What am I,... a 4-year old!? Other than that creepy store guy who handed me the receipt and told me to have a "magical day", I chuckled at the fact that I won't worry no more about ordering the Marvel Select Winter Soldier online. I just got very lucky finding this action figure. I may be a little bothered here the fact that the face kind of reminds of Bruce Campbell but then it doesn't really matter because... hey, we finally got this character on Marvel Select!

The packaging is pretty standard with its bookend style Marvel Select type of packaging. Inside the blister, we got the figure itself displayed nicely and got this amazing artwork of the Winter Soldier at the side which, unfortunately ends up in the garbage because I always open all my Select figures!

Now let's take a look at the paint apps. You can't beat what this toyline has done to the almost realistic colours painted on Winter Soldier's entire body. This blue wash applied sporadically over the "cloth" is well executed; making it come to life. Though the beige and brown to the boots, pouches and straps added some variety to his rather simple colour scheme, the paint app over his cybernetic left arm could have been done better. A much lighter metallic-type of gray perhaps could help it stand out while maintaining the presence of the star insignia, rather than just this deep black and gunmetal paint that almost matches his tactical suit.

As far as face and head is concerned, I think the sculptor kinda overdid his chin and jaw but the overall sculpt on this figure is amazing. I got no complain but to praise at all these texturing and how gorgeous these folds and creases are sculpted around his arms, legs and torso. Moreover, the line works, grids and muscles shaping his cybernetic arm should also be as eye-catching as his utility vest and belt. Once again, Diamond Select did an impressive job in incorporating all the details.

Before we inspect all his weapons, lets take a closer look at this very dramatic base stand that he comes having this broken window, glass of wine and what it seem like a thermo canister on the floor. There's probably a story here! Being a sniper or assassin as he is, Winter Soldier was probably drinking close to this window while waiting for his target. Looking at these bullet holes, somebody must have tried to kill him but ended up shooting at the wall and the window. Does that sound plausible? And with the crate that has this familiar insignia on it, it's very likely that he is on a mission somewhere in Russia.

Now the best part- weapons! Though not as ample as that of the Marvel Select Deadpool but the Winter Soldier essentially got all that weapons he usually carries. He got a huge ass sniper rifle that stands almost like 6 inches tall, a small pistol that has its personal holster, and a submachine gun that just dangles around his back having tied to this strap. All of which are very well detailed. The only problem with these weapons is that some of it might not fit well on either hands but it's still very cool looking things.

The articulation on this figure is not entirely the best nor is a big letdown. You can still execute some decent pose on the Winter Soldier. His head cannot fully aim up but can move down and rotate 360. He got a ball-hinged shoulder with bicep swivel, which is pretty standard for Marvel Select and has single-jointed elbows and hinged wrists. The torso has a good diaphragm swivel that lets him rock side to side plus a waist swivel. He got this DCUC-style hinges at the hips that creates these gaps at the groin areas, but best of all he got double-jointed knees, mid-calf swivel, ankle rotation and the ankle rockers.

Captain America 2- starring Chris Evans and Bruce Campbell.

So what can I say? Should I recommend this figure? Absolutely yes! The head sculpt might get you a little appalled especially when you own and you're able to compare it with the Legends version of the Winter Soldier, but this is just a different take or style by the designer of this figure. He is pretty much in good scale with some other figures in this toyline standing at exactly 7 inches tall. What saved Winter Soldier from being a flop figure is the decent amount of articulation within his well sculpted and painted parts. He's another fine creation by Diamond Select.


  1. Wow he does look like Bruce Campbell but hey that's a cool thing.

    1. Oh i got no issue with it. It's a different take on the Winter Soldier.

  2. Nice figure of Winter soldier but somehow there is something missing from this figure. The first thing I would like to see is his cybernetic arm, which is his signature specialty, to give a strong identity to this figure. It feels lacking. Overall a great sculpt.

    1. The cybernetic arm is there but since it's painted a lot like the other arm, it turns out that he's just wearing sleeves. I know it's kind of a bummer.