Thursday, 19 December 2013

Namor (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Namor (Series 2)
To be quite honest, I could never get myself to like this guy. Yeah, I know he is one of the toughest antiheroes in the Marvel universe but it's just something about that ego of his that makes me hate this character. I'm glad he only exists in fiction. Okay then... let's talk about the figure! Behold the Marvel Legends: Series 2 Namor. I believe it was 2002 that this figure was released but, man, I never expected this figure could compete with our more recent action figures we see today.

Nothing much can be said with regards to the paint work. Namor's vest and skin tight pants are all painted black. There are streaks of blue paint drawn and designed like fish scales over his vest. At the back of his feet you can see what appears to be a window! Interesting! Apparently, this looks like as if Namor wants to spread his little ankle-wings (or fins because he is fishboy) by making a couple of tiny windows which also exposes his flesh, but... is this really necessary? I would rather have them simple and neat with just black and white around these areas.

The sculpt on Namor is probably what gives him a more stunning look than the later Marvel Legends figures. This Johnny Bravo-esque type of body (big chest + chicken legs) may look kinda weird for people who are very particular with sculpt but for me, it's just a minor issue. I like how they added some creases over his pants. Namor got this well engraved insignia over his huge belt. You can see some great details over his muscles with all these folds and cuts. Last but not the least, the head and face sculpt captured that Namor we've always imagined with his sleeky hair and his 30-degree angled eyebrows.

Namor comes with two accessories namely his base stand and his trident. This "water" base stand is entirely made of translucent blue plastic almost like the Marvel Select Silver Surfer base but has some blue and white colour shading on it to have the look of an ocean whirlpool. Namor's trident is a complete... fail. Although I'm not too bothered by its flat bronze-like colour but the sculpting is ridiculously a work of an amateur. It's bent and crooked, and it will actually snap if you try straightening it up.

For an early 2000 action figure, the articulation is almost close to the newer Legends figures. His head is on a ball-joint and so it can rotate 360 and could look up and down. Mine has got a loose joint and it's very wobbly, and I'm kind of pissed off about it. Namor's arms got ball-hinges to the shoulders, swivel to the biceps and wrists, double-jointed elbows and Toy Biz's trademark finger articulation. He got no ab crunch like most Legends figures but has waist swivel behind his belt. His hips are on a T-joint with hinges at the sides that lets you raise his legs forward, back and to the sides. He got upper-thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, and hinged ankles with ankle pivots. Unfortunately, no ankle rotation.

"We're the kings of our own realm."

For most part, the sculpt and articulation of this figure are the true winners. This toyline has never failed to its loyal fans the articulation and the detail they always want. He stands at about 6.5 inches tall and in good scale with both old and new Legends figures. If you want to get a Namor for your Legends collection, I definitely recommend this one.


  1. Nice to see him in his black suit which you don't see often.

    1. I like this version a lot. It has much modern tone in it.

  2. He's definitely better than that version Hasbro gave us in their early 'rebooted' ML line....

    1. Oh I'd definitely not going to recommend the Submariner Namor by Hasbro. The sculpting and paint details are terrible.