Friday, 27 December 2013

Deadpool (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Deadpool (Classic) - Wave 3
Finishing 2013 should end up with a loud BANG!, and nothing could ever accomplish that job than the merc with a mouth, Deadpool! Oooh yeah! We thought Hasbro already forgot about this guy and shove him under every collector's hopes and dreams... but he's here. Supposed to be released last Fall of 2012 together with Punisher and Doctor Doom of Wave 3, this classic crimson Deadpool is a variant to the X-Force Deadpool which is also from this Wave. For Hasbro, it is better late than never indeed but that was quite awhile of a wait!

This is the 4th Deadpool that Marvel Legends Hasbro released. They all use the same body mold and just being repainted for collectors to get the many versions of him but I would say this is the one Deadpool I'll consider as my "default" figure for Deadpool and happy about it.

Not too many Marvel Legends figures comes with a whole lot of colour shading but Deadpool had quite a few here in there that comes in contrast with his crimson-black colour scheme. There are dark colour shadings between the muscle folds as well as the side of his head. The only downside is his utility belt and the straps that hangs around his torso, which doesn't have enough details on it, paint-wise.

The body mold is obviously a reuse of the Marvel Legends Deadpool 2-Pack the came with the X-Force Warpath. The details are not really that bad. Deadpool obviously has this athletic body type; not too skinny nor too musclebound. Hasbro did an amazing job with the head sculpt. It captured the likeness of Deadpool with his signature mask and the extra cloth hanging at the back of the head. His hands are actually sculpted very differently; the right hand is a "trigger finger" while the other one is for holding his sword.

Speaking about swords, lets move on now to accessories. Deadpool comes with two types of guns- a hand gun and a modified assault rifle that has a bazooka. He can carry and hold his assault perfectly without even falling from his hands however, it doesn't have a holster or a hook for him to keep it around his waist. His handgun can be concealed at the side of his leg. Deadpool also has two katanas that each come with sheaths. These sheaths are removal and you can latch it at the back using Deadpool's straps.

The articulation would never disappoint. Although it's missing ankle pivots but it's not a huge issue. He got a ball-hinged neck that moves up and down and rotates 360. Ball-hinged shoulder plus a shoulder blade joint that lets him move his arms forward and to the center and also bicep swivel. He got double-jointed elbow, ball-hinged and swivel to wrists. Deadpool got an ab crunch and swivel around the torso. His hips are on a Y-joint with ball-hinges. Down to his legs, he got double-jointed knees, upper-thigh swivel and ball-hinges to the ankles.

Deadpool stands about 6.2 inches tall and fairly in good scale with any figures from this toyline. The Hasbro version of the classic Deadpool may not replace Series 6 Deadpool but it's still a good thing to have especially if you're not willing to pay like a hundred dollar to get the one from Toy Biz.