Thursday, 26 September 2013

Iron Patriot: Iron Man 3 (Marvel Select)

Marvel Select Iron Patriot: Iron Man 3
If you haven't visited your local Disney Store yet, check out all their toys and you'll see this exclusive Marvel Select Iron Patriot from the Iron Man 3 movie. I gotta say I just like how this 7-inch scale action figure turned out to be amazingly accurate based off from the movie. Basically, the Iron Patriot is just a repaint of the Marvel Select War Machine (IM3 Version); baring colours of the first Avenger, Captain America. His body mold is different to the Marvel Select Mark 42 Iron Man, and so there are no re-uses and reconstructions here. You only got features that are entirely unique on this guy.

As far as the movie is concerned, I was actually surprised Iron Patriot came out a lot cooler than the Mark 42 probably because he is more intimidating and had this all-for-business type of persona dealing no issues within himself. However, I was a little bothered about that scene where the President somehow got into the Iron Patriot suit but couldn't even free himself with his arms being tied in chains- doesn't make any sense. But overall, I think the movie was great but not as awesome as the first two movies.

Looking at the paint job, a lot of people wanted the Iron Patriot to have that shinny metallic look like most Iron Man figures we've come across. While I think that this type of look may as well work with this figure, I believe the matted finish on his paint gives a better result on cameras. Also, one thing I like about the paint are the decals over his shoulders, arms and hips that are perfectly printed/painted without smearing. He got this red, white and blue colour scheme with the blue that kinda lean towards being indigo and white that is rather silver.

The sculpt on this figure is done from the interior mechanical part to the exterior protective shell of his body. Taking a closer at the ball-joints over his shoulders and hips, you can see lines and all sorts of details that are noticeable every time you lift his arms or move his legs. Iron Patriot has that housing for his missiles sculpted over his forearms, which is the same with that of War Machine. Like the Mark 42, the hinges and joints on this figure blend seamlessly as though it seem to have not existed.

And just like the Mark 42, Iron Patriot comes with a base stand (or a prop) which is very nice to have for your Iron Man display. Get like maybe 5 or 6 of these and you can have your very own Hall of Armor right on your shelf. Most importantly, he comes with this nicely sculpted shoulder turret that is removable and got some decent articulation in it. He also has an interchangeable head which has the exposed face of Don Cheadle as Col. Rhodes; sculpted perfectly to look almost close as the actor.

Now for the articulation on this figure, he is not as articulated as his Marvel Legends counterpart. I didn't even bother do that Iron Man flying pose because it is just not achievable. However, poses like aiming to shoot repulsors or preparing for a take off can be done easily. The shoulder turret is highly articulated which can turn and point at any direction except probably when you have it turned where his head is on its way.

Iron Patriot has a ball-jointed neck that lets his head move side to side, and move up and down but very limited. The shoulder guards are hinged and, although it helped quite a bit with the articulation on his shoulder, it only goes at a certain point and so you can't really raise his arms way up high even with the ball-hinged shoulders. He's got swivel to the biceps and forearms, single-jointed elbows, hinged wrists that flexes and rotates. There is no waist swivel but he got a diaphragm joint that lets him turn towards the sides as well as get him to lean at any direction. The hips are T-jointed and ball-hinged, and the legs got upper thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, and ankles that flex, rotate and pivot.

Again, compared to Iron Man Mark 42, Iron Patriot is a little heftier and a centimeter taller which is good... the fact that I think Rhodes probably has a much larger physique than Tony Stark. If you haven't had an Iron Patriot within the 7-inch scale, I would recommend getting this one because of all its detail and neat feature. Definitely, a must-have figure.


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    1. Thanks. He looks better than the Marvel Legends Iron Patriot.

  2. Iron Man 3 is a great movie. I have joyed the movie very much. This is one of the best movie of 2013.

    1. I was appalled by some parts of that movie, but most of it was great.

  3. bro..this is a great figure indeed..

    1. both the base stand and the figure just looks great.