Sunday, 8 September 2013

Big Red Predator (NECA)

NECA Big Red Predator
When you're big and wearing red, you'd probably get spotted easily by your prey as you hunt her around in a thick jungle. But if you're a Predator, that won't matter as long as you got your cloaking device with you to use at anytime. Combining killing precision and style is what the Big Red Predator is all about. Right away, you can tell that this Predator is not your average Predator. What's phenomenal about it is that the fans love Big Red more than any Predator figures. Unlike most NECA Predators, which are based off from those major movies, Big Red, with its interestingly unique outfit, is based from a fan-made movie on YouTube entitled, Batman: Dead End. With its ornamental belt and two katana blades, this Predator is ready to show you the way of the Samurai... in its own fashion.

Compared to our very own classic Predator, Big Red's sculpt and body mold is basically the same with few tweaks here and there to give it its own feature. The body armour; gauntlets, leg guards and shoulder guards are as same as the classic except that the Wrist Blades are housed unto Big Red's left gauntlet instead of the right. Moreover, its Bio-Mask has these two yellow pebble-like indentions likely for aesthetic purposes, also with all these black streaks painted over its big red mask.

And around the waist, is a well detailed belt inspired from that ancient Samurai culture together with a couple of these sheaths for its swords hanging at the right hip, while still preserving that Predator loin cloth. Also, it has all these trophy skulls held together with a string which goes down diagonally across its torso. The only thing that this Predator is missing though is its infamous Plasma Cannon, which probably not gonna fit in with Big Red's theme.

Big Red's name comes from its chosen colour scheme- RED. It is all painted red as you can see here, but gold to its Wrist Blade and hair clips. Its skin colour is kind of brown-yellow at the front with dark pigmentations dominating the back area. Why it has this jaundice skin?- it's probably because of "colour compatibility". The red goes well with the yellow on Big Red's case.

Gladly, I am pleased that this Predator has a pair of interchangeable hands. You can change its open palmed hands into these "sword-gripping" hands to wield its katanas. Like a true Samurai, Big Red carries the long katana and the short katana, which fits perfectly in each of its hands. Unfortunately, it's impossible for this Predator to do a two-hander with one single sword.

Like the articulation of the Boar Predator or any standard NECA Predator figures, Big Red's neck are ball-socketed so it can lean towards its sides and rotate 360. It got ball-hinged shoulders with no bicep swivel, single-jointed elbows with elbow rotations, and ball-hinged wrists. No diaphragm swivel; wishing they'll incorporate it soon, but Big Red has waist swivel to do the function. It got a T-joint and a ball-hinged hips, upper thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, ball-hinged ankles with ankle rotations and ankle pivots.

This action figure stands at about 8 inches tall and I really wish they could have scaled him up a bit to literally define the "big" in Big Red, but I totally think this is a really good purchase the fact that it's one of a kind and that I'm a huge fan of the Predators.

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