Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Plastic Man: Justice Series (DC Direct)

DC Direct Justice Series Plastic Man
Nothing can beat Plastic Man; he got style, charisma and a tremendous level of adaptability whichever or whatever situation you'd want him to be. I could hire him as my sales representative for selling a 15-year used car in my garage. Obviously, his beaming personality extends outward, and you can see how this figure of him looks fun and inviting and, in some aspects, interesting. Like the Hush Huntress, Plastic Man is not your typical poseable DC action figure. He is something you want to enjoy just being on the shelf like every Justice Series action figures out there. But I like this figure and it actually got some good areas I'd like to point out!

The articulation department may be upsetting and like I've said, this action figure is for display and somewhat closely related to a statue. His head can rotate 360, and moves a little up and a little down. He got ball-hinged shoulders that lets you spread his arms sideward and rotate it 360 degrees. The elbows and the knees are single-jointed, and he got waist swivel. No joints to the wrists and ankles, however, he got a T-joint to the hips which serves useless.

Regardless of all that, the details and the accessories he comes with are those areas that made this figure a real stunner. How can you not gaze upon his face with awe once you see his groovy sunglasses/goggles along with his S-shaped ala-Superman front curl? In addition, the contours and the shape of his muscles are well proportioned with enough details on it. Also, one real surprise is that those laces crisscrossing across his chest are indented, which looked as though separate from the body.

Taking a glimpse at the paint job, you can't really see any paint defect or strays that indicate imperfections. Looking closely, the way the paint had been applied is very precise and "geometric" but the colours are very flat with no shading that supports contrasts, so he looks pretty much like a cartoon.

Moving on with the accessories, you might (or might not) come into an expectation and start looking for an elongated neck, but that version is from a different toyline; this Plastic Man here comes with two different types of interchangeable arms, a spiraling lower torso, and this Justice Series base stand. This long "grappling arm" with an oversized hand goes only to his left shoulder, and the other arm- the "punching arm" fits to his right shoulder. Furthermore, these arms are super flexible so you can just bend them in a variety of ways! Same thing with his "spiraling torso", which can go right below his belt after you have already removed his hips along with the legs.

Having a comical action figure like this Plastic Man is kind of refreshing in a way that he's hilariously unique. So far, this is the only action figure standing on my "collection shelf" that lacks seriousness and could get anyone's attention. If you're collecting DC action figures, this Plastic Man is a must get.

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